This thread is the place to request to have an image edited. There are many things we can do. Here are some of them:

Fuzzy Edges

Looking to add a bit of flair to an image for one of your blogs or builds? Then request for fuzzy edges! You can ask on a scale of 1-5 how fuzzed you want the edges to be. The above image is a 4.

Image Merging



If you need a smart opening image for a build, request Image Merging! Note: The image above is a normal image merged with fancy writing. If you do not know how to make your own fancy writing, ask in the Art Group Services Request Thread.

Image Borders

If you want an image to have a border, ask here! You can also request certain shapes. Please note that not all shapes may be possible.


The ultimate fancy image! You can request combonations of the things we can do. The above image is a combonation between Fuzzy Edges and Image Merging.

Thread Rules:

Be polite

You must provide the image(s) you want used. Otherwise, your  request will not be able to be fufilled.

Note that some people that offer to do edits may not be able to do certain things, while others can. For instance, I cannot do colour edits, while other people may be able to. Anyone wishing to help out in the thread, you are more than welcome.

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Also, tell me if I missed anything that I should add in the description!

The typo shall live on XD 

Well it looks good to me  I'm willing to offer my help as well, I can do everything Warlord can do, as well as a couple of other things (mostly revolving around changing the brightness of an image, or adding in what I believe equates to filters. I'll drop a few examples using a rather simple picture. 

This here is Bob, he's a mighty powerful Warrior (who I've shrunk so this doesn't take up too much room). Sure he looks good now, but there are a number of things I can do with just this base image. 

Soften Filter Thingy

Sharpen Filter Thing

Boost Filter Thing

Warm Filter

There are a number of other things I can use, but these are the main ones I tend to use. I can mix and match them, add in borders or text, that general kind of thing. If there's something I do specifically that you'd like, then ask but I think it'll generally work out much better if you just ask in general. Most of what I can do is the same stuff Warlord can do, so whoever's there first can probably help you out just fine 

Good to have you helping out, Dragonborn!

I can also edit the general colour scheme, change the perspective, and make an image look like a sketch, etc.


I can help out, do pretty much everything you've mentioned as well as what Dragonborn's mentioned.

I can also remove background from images - take this for example

Here is Esbern standing outside Sky Haven Temple, but I want Esbern on his own

And so after a quick bit of Photoshopping I have Esbern on his own and can now add in any background I wish:

And so now Esbern has visited Buckingham Palace

(P.S I can also use Photoshop for other uses - combining multiple images, removing red-eye, etc.)

Lol, cool!

Looks like you'll have a real great thing going here Warlord and DB. You'll have such a great talent for this, you could be professionals and make a killing from it. While I have nothing to request nor help with. Please know you have my support on this to the fullest.  Make sure all this as well as the pictures you post are backed up for when this change comes. Good luck gentlemen!

Baked Up.

Hey Warlord, do you think you could, if not remove the spell entirely, could yah make the magic more....flamey? Or atleast red in the center with the arcs/tendrils being black?


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