Hello Art group, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me  But nope like a...Ah, can't think of a metaphor right now...Anyway I'm back in the Art Group, and this time I was kind of hoping to set up something long term. Now, in case you didn't know, I'm a real big fan of creating banners for others to use in their Builds/Stories/Discussions/Whatever, mostly because really I can't do anything else artistic but I wanted to kind of expand.

So this is a Request Thread, you ask me to create  a banner for you, I do my best to provide and hopefully we all walk away fairly content. Now I wouldn't trust a potentially random guy offering to do art for me, so I'll have a few of my many (like...30-40) different banners on display at the end of the discussion. But first we have to go over a few rules.

  1. I'll only take one request at a time per person. So don't expect to come here asking for 600 banners at once. A request is considered to be banners for a single build, not just one banner.  
  2. If your asking for a banner, I need something to base it off. Generally a theme (like Ice or Forests) will work, but I would also definitely appreciate pictures, especially if it's for something like a story where you need something very specific.
  3. Any lack of theme, will result in I, DB using whatever I feel like for your banner. At the moment I'm considering either using Golden Fool's My Little Pony picture collection or lining the banner with some of the worst lines from the Star Wars prequels (Like Ani talking about sand...)
  4. I'll probably only take up to 5-6 requests a week. But that's an arbitrary thing and definitely not a rule, just a heads up. If you want something ASAP you might have to wait.

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You must have a somewhat good amount of time on your hands to be so gracious enough to do this. I like them. I myself specialize in making charts and graphs and maps. I've been doing it since I was very little. I'm sure this will be crowded with requests soon enough. Best of luck on fulfilling them.

Thanks Ry, I'm no expert of anything, just consider myself decent enough to be able to help out here and there  I'd love to see this get crowded (well semi-crowded) and I really do hope I can help out whenever possible.

Have you thought about renaming this "Dragonborn's Banner Request Corner" so that the House of DB can once again have four corners? 

Shit, that's brilliant...I can never have too many corners. 

I wonder what shape Tamriel Vault is, to have so many corners? Anyone have an idea?

It's a corner.

Well at the moment it's probably a Pentagon... Workshop Success Corner, Workshop Feature Corner, Spotlight Corner, DB Banner Corner and the Story Corner...yep 5 corners = pentagon. 

Eventually itll have enough corners itll turn into a circle XD


Yeah sure, don't see why not 

Well, in that case, I'll be back in half an hour with a shopping list!

As long as it follows all of my rules it's all good Warlord


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