This thread is simply to ask/answer any questions about role playing in Skyrim and other TES games.

Anyone can chime in with answers; the more ideas the better! Try to stay on topic as much as possible; threads like this can get unwieldy fast if a lot of tangents are thrown in.

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Did you remake this discussion?


Well my request still stands. If you've played dragon age before I'd like your thoughts on how you'd skyrimize the Templar faction.

Well, I'll have a look into your lore and see what I can do! Back in the other thread, Bryn also offered to help. Sounds like he's familiar with the material already.

Ah thank you. I'll call him right away.

Bryn was a huge help. Thanks for suggesting I talk to him. 

Hi!I'm currently replaying Oblivion and I want to create a heavy RP based character but I don't know where to start...The only thing I know for sure is that I'll live in Leyawiin and I'll be a healer. The rest is pretty vague...Can anyone help me?

What exactly is your healer's motive? If you can tell me that, I can definitely help you out.

Well, my healer wants to cure people, help them...Actually, I'm trying my Alessian Priestess build in Oblívion. To see if I can "reproduce" it in a past TES game. It's not the first time I do this but it's been a while since I played Oblivion. She praises the Divines and Alessia...but there's a plothole here: In Skyrim, she is a descendant of Alessia, therefore, possessing Dragonblood.But in Oblivion, the game makes it clear that you DON'T have Dragonblood, because you can't equip the amulet of Kings.
I'm trying to find a reason why she can't equip it. Sorry for the late response :)

Don't worry about it:-) 

For the amulet, maybe your character doesn't want to wear it because he feels as if it's disrespectful to the newly deceased emperor? As for wanting to cure people, perhaps he wants to because his parents were healers as well, and wants to continue the family tradition?

Exactly! That's a pretty good reason right there!Or perhaps she doesn't equip the amulet of kings because only the older son, and descendant to the throne, is the only one capable of doing it... Thanks once again ;)

No problem, glad I could help!


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