Have you ever thought about your own personality affecting your character's choices in the game? After reading this article: RPG Games: Do Personality Types Affect Role Play? I decided to take a look on my own characters and turns out they all had some traits from me. Do you think it's possible to completely detach yourself from the character? And if so, do you think that character would be interesting for you to play? 

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I don't think it would be very interesting if you just do something because you're "evil". It's more fun put yourself in you're characters shoes and ask yourself "what would I do". I real life I often think too highly of myself, or I am often very determined when someone says I can't do something which causes me to do it. So my characters are usually Dunmer who don't take no for an answer. Like a more extreme version of myself. Or since I love hunting in real life most my characters are a hunter of sorts.

So you do it deliberately. Have you tried detaching yourself from the character? Like making a complete opposite of yourself?

I don't deliberately do it. But after you made that point I noticed I have the same running pattern. And I have tried making a complete opposite and I had a hard time getting immersed.

That raises the question of evil characters. Are people who enjoy playing them evil? I mean, if you're a good person and has nothing in common with them, you will have hard time getting immersed, like you pointed out...

I think I was just trying to hard with those characters, I have a Vampire mage who is really messed up in the head, but he is more sinister less outright "I'm gonna go slaughter Whiterun" attitude.

Now that you've mentioned him, do you have anything common?

As I think about it he is incredibly selfish at times.

I personally don't like playing as myself... If I were in Fallout, I'd be a terrible person just to survive... But in fallout, a lot of my characters make angels look like demons...
And it is almost impossible to build a character with none of your traits and have it be yours unless you purposefully built a character to be your polar opposite... Otherwise, you are bound to have 1 thing or more in common...

I agree, even if you manage to make a complete opposite of yourself it will be terrible to play and you might get bored quickly. On the other hand, if you can completely immerse yourself even in such a character your game experience will be far richer...

I think that all of us have multiple aspects to our personality. Freud talked about the id, ego, and superego. He also talked about ego images - the way that our mind absorbs and reflects the personalities of significant people in our lives, and makes decisions the way we'd imagine those people to make them. Jung, whose work influenced the Meyer-Briggs, talked about the anima/animus, the collective unconscious, and universal archetypes. Other psychologists have talked about the inner child, the responsible parent, and the shadow self.

For me, I think all of my RP characters are aspects of my personality - the self I'd like to be, the horrible self I suppress, the nurturing aspect, the loner aspect, etc etc. I don't think there's any conflict between a RP character and our own personalities - I think in a way they're extensions of ourselves, and I don't think it's ever really possible to detach from them completely. But I do think it's important that we try to be true to that aspect in our roleplay and our writing, and give it free rein to make its own decisions, even if we would never behave like that in real life.

Hmm, interesting. You said, horrible self, for example. How would you RP such a character? Won't every choice you make cause you some mental discomfort? Also, do you make choices based on the character's backstory and not your real life personal history?


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