This is a profile for a character I'm going to start soon, then re-do on next-gen.

First name: Caius

Last name: unknown

Aliases: Griffin, Hawk, Lord Hendal, Whitesnake

Sex: male

Race: unknown (possibly Nord)

Age: unknown, when asked, provides no answer except "Why? You interested?"

Alignment: Chaotic neutral- "There's no fun in being a good guy all the time, sometimes a man needs to stab another to remind ones self of mortality"

Affiliations: Anyone with enough coin

Abilities: Can talk his way out (but mostly into) fights. Caius is skilled with twin daggers, which he names "pointy" and "stabby", and a bow named "Sheila". He once took a man's purse while remaining eye-to-eye contact. He learned skills of thievery from an accidental run-in with Gray Fox while hiding from imperial guard (for killing his family). Believing he didn't exist, he refused to believe his claims but eventually gave in. He was briefly raised by the thief, who taught him many skills. He eventually left, hoping one day to return to his only real 'family'.


Skin tone: pale despite being outdoors for long periods of time.

Eye colour: His left eye is blind and his right eye is steel grey

Height: 6'5

Weight: slightly above average

Facial markings: A large scar down the left side of his face due to a terrible encounter with a drunk adoptive father (which also resulted in his blind left eye)

Hair/hair colour: Hair is skull-shaven, original colour unknown (most likely black)

Clothing/armour: Caius frequently dawns a hood, and usually wears light armour

Weapons: twin daggers; "Pointy" and "Stabby", a bow; "Shelia", and a sword named "Siegfreid"


Caius is a loud and cocky man, but he is not arrogant. He truly doesn't believe in himself and knows that, no matter what, he will die. As a result, he enjoys killing those who believe they can transcend mortality.

He is relaxed in even the most stressful situation, not willing to let fear rule him. He even attempted to "pick up chicks" during a dragon attack. He would glady stand against armies to test his near-endless limits, and views the civil war as merely "child's play".

He does have a side of him he keeps hidden. A side so dangerous, it made him kill off an entire town- men, woman, and children. This side breaks free whenever he is put through events that remind him of his traumatic past- of him killing his adoptive family due to abuse.

His family frequently abused him, with violence, terrible names, and willingness to get rid of him. They didn't feed him, his father drunk, his mother high on skooma. It eventually went too far when they tried to kill him, but, them being both high and drunk, were easily disarmed. He killed them and, in his rage, killed his sister, who was only five. It's the only thing he regrets, although now he realizes praying won't bring here back. As a result, he has problems commiting, afraid of a repeat of his childhood


-The tavern went silent when the three bandits walked in. They loved to start trouble.

"hello, love!" their drunken leader said, and grabbed the innkepper's daughter, a young girl of 16. No one dared to make a move. When he did let go her, his eyes searched the room, looking for someone to bully. His eyes landed on a mysterious man, hood drawn, wearing what looked to be a mix between armour and robe.

"He looks like he got a big purse, boss." one of the bandits said. Their leader walked up to the man, blocking his view of the roaring fire in the middle of the room.

"Excuse me," asked the hooded man, "could you move? You're blocking my drinking light."

"Make me." responded the bandit chief, which was quite a child-like response.

"Are you sure?"

"What's a runt like you gunna do to me, anyways?" taunted the chief, who was significantly larger the the stranger.

"Alright," the stranger shrugged, "it's not going to be my fault for what's going to happen." in an instant, the man withdrew two daggers and cut the bandit's throat open. He gurgled on the way to the ground. His friends didn't have to react before, with inhuman speed, the stranger grabbed his bow and let lose a shot with flawless effiency. The arrow was firmly planted in one of the bandit's jugular. The stranger approached the last bandit.

"What's your name, kid?" the mystery man asked.

"Randall, s-sir." the bandit stuttered.

"My name is Caius. So, 'Randall', this is how this is going to play out; I will leave, and you tell your group what happened. But if any of you come back here, or any one of these fine people so much as scrapes a knee, I swear by the nine, I will come back and feed you your fingers. Understood?"

The bandit nodded furiously.

"Good. Now, if you need me, i'm heading to Skyrim. I hear it's nice this time of year."-

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Hey Zach, welcome t o Roleplaying. Apologies for the late greeting, but I'm still glad to see new a face. I like what a mystery Caius is. Last name unknown, race largely unknown, adoptive parents who are no longer alive to tell the story of his's all very enticing.

I find myself wondering though - was it just his father who abused him? And how did he learn to become such a smooth criminal? Stealing a man's coin right from under his nose is something that would leave even Brynjolf agape. Also, I know you said you'l be redoing Caius next gen, which will give you access to some killer screenshots, but it would be cool to see some art or screenshots in here in the mean time to help enhance the entire presentation. A picture can a tell a story all on its own. If you'd like any help, please feel free to respond here or PM me and we'll see what we can do. 

You'll also want to make sure you have this saved somewhere as you'll need to reupload it once we move the site. 

Thanks for the advice! It's nice to be with a friendly community. I edited the post, so now there should be more backstory for him (the new stuff are under abilities and personailty). I also might get some pics up soon, but it is difficult on an iPad for some weird reason.

Good job, Zach! I like the personality of your character, first calm and then storm. I also like, that he is anonymous. And yes, like Legion said, a picture or artwork and some text formatting would make the profile visually better :)   


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