Which do you prefer when playing? Me, personally play with FPV, it's more immersive, easier to see what I'm looking at specifically, and that's how I've played. I mainly use third person to look at the whole area, or if I need to see round a corner, or just inspect my handiwork after a particularly epic battle/take screenshots.

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I always use first person because its much more immersive (obviously) and it becomes much easier for me to fight. I only go third person when I wanna look at my character's armor. 

Third person. I cannot stand First Person view unless I'm aiming a bow. The field of view is too narrow, the animations are horrible, and the inability to turn one's head to look to the sides is frustrating beyond belief. Those break immersion for me waaaaaaay more than Third does.

Dude, of course the FOV is narrow, you're looking through your character's eyes. And how does the animation being terrible break immersion and how are they terrible?

Look out your own eyes sometime, dude. Swivel them to the left and right. Human beings have mobile eyeballs, giving us close to a 180-degree field of view. If a game gives me a choice between a third person view or trying to accept that I only have a 90-100 degree field of view and no situational awareness... I'll take the third person every time.

In first person, when my character just chops with a sword like it's a hatchet, while holding it much too high, it makes me grind my teeth. It's fine for spell casting and using a bow, but melee weapon animations and positioning are ridiculous. It's fine if you don't care about that, but it annoys me. Fortunately I can use third person and be happy.

As for the rest: de gustibus non est disputandum.

I wouldn't want that either. The limitation isn't the game, it's the nature of a computer monitor. It could be made to work properly with a massive surround multi-screen set-up, but games and their engines aren't designed for that, for good reason.

Nothing wrong with discussing tastes: it's arguing about them that's pointless.

Positioning? Like how they had it? Or how they attack with it? Also, you can hack and slash with a sword, the raising could be him raising hits blade to do a vertical slash, or lopping a limb or two of.

No, it's where weapons are carried. A sword that, in real life, you'd hold in a ready stance over your shoulder or low at your side, is instead carried held up and awkwardly too far in front so that you can see you have a sword equipped (because there's no tactile feedback and you can't look around).

That just irritates me and combined with the unrealistically restricted situational awareness of first person view, I can't stand it. It's not just Skyrim, any game that gives me a choice is going to be played in Third. I feel it allows for a more realistic sense of what's going on around my character and more realistic movement and reactions from my character. I'm perfectly fine with watching my character look and act believable and can stay immersed that way: I don't need to view the world from inside of him/her.

Then get something like immersive first person view if your on OC, or mod your xbox.

Or how about I just use third person view like I like to do and have hundreds of hours experience with?

That, in my opinion, would be a fantastic application for VR systems. An accurate first person view, where if you need feedback on yourself, you look down at yourself. I would have even believed it possible if Oculus hadn't been bought.

Yep. Until that day, if it ever comes, I will probably continue to find it easier to stay immersed watching my character than trying to be my character in terms of POV, because first person POVs are, by necessity, clunky.

Then again, I grew up playing the Black Isle Studio games and the Diablo series and Dungeon Siege and only rarely playing FPS games and never playing prior Elder Scrolls games, so all my whinging may just be post-hoc justification of habit and acclimation.

Third person for long traveling only. I only use first person for combat and general questing and dungeon diving.


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