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Creating Your Own Artifacts

Creating Your Own Artifacts "It is said that Flame Atronachs willingly gave of their salts to forge the blade, and that it was tempered in…

Started by Borommakot

69 Aug 28, 2016
Reply by Ajani

Roleplay and player personality

Have you ever thought about your own personality affecting your character's choices in the game? After reading this article: RPG Games: Do…

Started by Vazgen

47 Aug 19, 2016
Reply by Wu YiXiang

Do You Give Your Characters A Voice?

This may sound weird to some, but how do you bring your characters to life? For example I tend to imagine a voice in my head for my charact…

Started by Zach Draconis

45 Aug 12, 2016
Reply by ShyGuyWolf

Roleplaying characters that have mastered certain skills before entering Skyrim

So I have wondered, how do you guys roleplay characters that have already high knowledge in certain skills before they entered Skyrim? Let'…

Started by David Okine

32 Jul 21, 2016
Reply by Vazgen

The Finer Points of Roleplay: Freedoms and Restrictions

Role-play is a tough nut to crack. It bleeds over into just about every area and encompasses a wide range of content. In broad strokes, ro…

Started by Legion

29 Jul 20, 2016
Reply by Caesar

Roleplaying a Khajiit

I have been trying to think of a fun, lore-fitting RP backstory for a Khajiit, and I realized that there are so many fun ways to play a Kha…

Started by Chronicler

41 Jul 11, 2016
Reply by mitch blatt

Role Playing Tools: Circles of Character Conflict

I am always looking for ways to enhance the narrative of the stories I create in Skyrim but it’s not easy.  The game guides us along fairly…

Started by CouchWarrior

22 Jul 6, 2016
Reply by ShinJin

About Two Different Ends: Your Opinion is Important

Hello everyone,Medieval here, let me ask you something, what end would you prefer, what end do you think is more interesting? Imagine a cha…

Started by Medieval

7 Jun 27, 2016
Reply by Medieval

How can morally "good" characters justify enchanting?

Before I get into this, I'd like to establish the definition of "good" in the context of Skyrim by using the definitions provided by the …

Started by Legion

97 Jun 22, 2016
Reply by Curse Never Dying

Your Character's Profession (Besides Adventurer)

One of the questions I ask myself most often is "What does this guy do for a living?" What did he do before he was thrust into the world as…

Started by Saryn

113 May 25, 2016
Reply by The Hero of Kvatch


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