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This group is for the Elder Scrolls Role Playing enthusiasts! Here you will find discussions, help threads, guides, and many other topics for you to read through and enjoy to enhance your own role play as well as provide you a chance to share your own personal experiences with other members of the group.

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  • A general question; do we know if genies exist in TES lore? I'd imagine that they would in Hammerfell, but I can't seem to find any evidence for or against the point. I think that'd make for an interesting backstory, a wish gone wrong, and next thing you know you're on your way to Helgen.
  • Thanks Henson, I don't spend as much time in this group as I probably should, so I wasn't positive where to direct my questions :) I'll pop over to the help thread right away!
  • Hi Jolly, you could certainly direct your question to The Roleplaying Help Thread. Course of action questions are situational as we need to know even more about your character.

  • Sooo I'm normally not very vocal in this group, but I have a roleplaying question that I need some opinions on. With my imperial rogue, I really want all 3 words of marked for death, but I'm not sure weather to wipe it the brotherhood or join them... The character is fairly honorable, he's a thief and outlaw but not a murderer, I usually knock down guards to their knees instead of slaying them, etc. but just slaughtering the brotherhood just for a shout doesn't appeal to me either... What should my course of action be?
    • You can kill them and still get the word from their sanctuary
  • Hi! I just joined this group today. I hope that i will learn the "rules" of this place quick :D.

  • Henson and I discussed them and said that we don't like the current format for them... If you want to know more, go to skype
  • Expect some new discussions coming from me and Henson :)
  • does anybody have a recommended combat style for my thief build, i dont want to be an assassin just a pickpocket and house raider but i often run into trouble

    • Try using a single dagger enchanted with paralysis. That way your focus is on finding cover after the initial hit, and not finishing off your attacker. Depends on your character, but I like the idea of a thief who tries to remain undetected, and doesn't kill. For when you're tomb raiding, or out in the wilds, use a mace or have a tough follower to aid you.
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