Welcome to the third edition of Lore Gem Spotlights,. In the last Spotlight we went over some of the most valuable and useful articles for understanding the Nords, in place of their missing articles. Yet, this is Apocyrpha. The Nords is a bloody, savage subject, with a slight taste of treachery and prejudice, yet it is not the darkest the archive has to offer. Today, we go over Sithis, the Nightmother and the Dark Bortherhood, their beliefs and lives, theories and understanding. They are A Kiss, Sweet Night Mother by Karver the Lorc, The Dread Father and his Legacy by Big Chris combined with Velothic Commentaries on Sithis, by x, and finally The Blade of Woe, by Mason.

A Kiss, Sweet Night Mother by Karver the Lorc

This article is, as you probably would guess it by the title and the figure behind Lucien Lachance in the image, a comprehensive guide on the Night Mother, with all of the theories, from a former member of the Thieves guild with a penchant for murder, to a Moraq Tong leader, who sacrificed her offspring to Sithis. This guide is a great way to read up on the Night Mother, and will be highly useful for Builds, Stories and perhaps even art. I highly suggest you read this, and perhaps leave your beliefs at the bottom.

The Dread Father and his Legacy, by Big Chris

combined with

Velothic Commentaries, on Sithis by x

Sithis is a very interesting topic. Depicted as the void, evil, the one who sundered the nothing before him. These two guides cover the same topic, with the Dread Father using both the common view (the Monomyth), and contrasting it with the Darkbrotherhood's view (found in the book Sithis), while the Commentaries use the lessons of Vivec and the book Sithis. While the Dread Father also dips into the night mother theories, but of course not as deeply as the article spotlighted before, the Commentaries stay on Sithis. Now, these guides used together are a very useful source, giving you three views, contrasted and put together. It explains Sithis in clear terms, I urge you to read this, and use these sources to help you in creating content, or just to satisfy your interest.

The Blade of Woe, by Mason

Now, the Blade of Woe is not the longest article. In fact, it's among the smallest. This spotlight is not so much for this individual artifact, but more of a spotlight for Mason's series,Famed Artifacts of Tamriel. This series is a group of articles on artifacts, with their histories and abilities, and commnly appearance. This is a great example of the quality of this series, and I urge you to use it as a source if you happen to use an artifact in your content. If not, then you might as well read them, some of the objects you have used thousands of times might have a deeper history than you know.


I hope you enjoyed these spotlights, and highly recommend the articles spotlighted. I should be able to post this myself next week, and thank you Dragonborn for posting it in by absence.  Thank you also to the authors of the images I am using, to the authors of the work for creating such high quality work, and Will for the title. I hope these are of use to you, pr that you found something interesting by reading this and the articles.

Edition Two

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