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Are the greybeards the blades? I read somewhere that that was the case. But it seems unlikely.

No the blades are the emperors guards and act as his eyes and ears. But in skyrim the blade order has all but detiorated. The grey beards are masters of the voice or thu'um in draconic.

the blades are actually supposed to keep the blood line of the Dragonborn alive, so technically they should work for your character in Skyrim, shouldn't they?

The Blades answer to the emperor alone, specifically the Septim bloodline.  That bloodline died out with the sacrifice of Martin Septim.  Now that Talos worship has been banned, The Blades have all but dispersed, and the surviving members probably operate in complete secrecy.

The bloodline of the "dragonborn" is only referencing a title that Tiber Septim was given based on his early usage of the thu'um, it was never confirmed that he was a Dovakiin, only that he used the thu'um. 

Additionally being a Dovakiin simply means you have the soul of a dragon as far as we've been told and does not imply any "blood" ties to them or genetic relationship.

Actually it is confirmed that tiber septim was dovahkiin, and that the whole reason he and his heirs could light the dragon fires was because he and his heirs were all dovahkiin

Exactly, but now we do have confirmation even if being a Dragonborn was suspected way back in Redguard.  Now it has a similar question, was tiber Septim just 'A dragonborn' or 'THE dragonborn' of prophacy to the Altmer.  Reman Cyrodiil had a similar title but it was reinforced later on in Skyrim. And that's also not proben about the Dragon Fires as that Ritual originated long before Septim with Reman Cyrodiil and the Dragon Fires came into existance at the beginning of the Alessian Empire whcih is 3,000 years before Tiber Septim.  The link between Dragonborn, Amulet of Kings, and the Dragonfires are all pretty shaky.

I agree that the connections are shakey and I've wondered about it myself lately. Because Akatosh told alessya (sp?) back in Oblivion that aslong as her line remained then the dragon fires could be lit. But Tiber Septim wasn't even descended from her, he couldn't have been since he came over from Atmora. And not all the emperors have been direct descendants of him (if I read correctly, could be wrong.) And not all the emperors could have been dragonborn, that's ridiculous.

Quite true, which means there's always a question on if Akatosh supposedly meant spiritual successors IE Emprors (which might partially make sense to the Divines if Shor's explanation that Cyrodiil became an 'egg' is true) of it might be physical successors too.  It's odd as the dragon fires were supposed to be lit at the time of Reman Cyrodiil and weren't, the Daedra just crossed over when they wanted to.

Septim, he's an odd one.  Thanks to the Old Hroldan quest in Skyrim we've pretty much managed to debunk that he was Atmoran.  The Arcturian heresy states that he was from Alcaire High Rock and likewise the Old Hroldan quest mentions that he met with his band of warriors and trained there as from the beginning too.  So there -could- potentially be a bloodline there but the chances of that are horrifically remote. 

Only the Septim Emperors are related to him and quite right if I recall, sometimes strictly by marriage.  Point in fact, I don't think any were actually related to Tiber Septim after Pelagius which was the second Emperor.  Instead, the line passed to Tiber Septim's brother Agnorith's daughter who was queen of Silvenar (Bosmeri, but I think she was a Dunmer or that may have been Kintyra II) This was a surprise to me as I thought the Septim bloodline reverted back with Potema's son, but apparently not, Hjalti Earlybeard, IE: Tiber Septim's bloodline is officially extinct.

So that leaves the very real possibility that all of them are dragonborns by virtue of the Adabal-a Amulet of Kings... or none of them are dragonborns and the dragonfire thing may just simply be a ceremonial thing. 

I was thinking that seeing as you're the dovahkiin in Skyrim, you would be able to wear the Amulet, but then I remembered that Martin made it redundant in tes 4.

i imagian them being pretty good wing men...

there is another lore post on the discrepancies between the thu'um and what the Dovakiin use the draconic language to do in the form of "dragon shouts"


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