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This plane of Oblivion is Apocyrpha, the home of all Lore and is managed by three beings, Matt FeeneyTom and Phil. While each is independent, together this triune make up the over-soul of a knowledge-hoarding Hermaeus-Mora like entity.

Representing HoonDingery, Thu'umery and Imperiality, the ending of the words is MATTOMPHI.

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So, another seeker of knowledge enters our realm. This is Apocrypha, where all knowledge is hoarded. Perhaps you'll prove clever enough to uncover the secrets hidden here. If so, welcome. Perhaps you are a fool or a coward. If so you are in peril. Escape before Apocrypha claims you forever!

Amongst the infinite stacks and shelves of this library of forbidden knowledge you will find: 

The Directory

Many scholars and loremasters have been ensnared by the lure of learning the secrets that only Hermaeus Mora possesses. Here are those secrets...


Some areas of the realm are consumed by darkness. Missing pages and blank floating tomes fill the air...

Ask A Lore Question

The spirits of mortals who lingered too long in search of answers haunt these maze-like halls. Beware, lest you join them for eternity...

Posting Rules

The Seekers who guard the eternal mysteries require certain conditions be met before a manuscript will added to the towering stacks...

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Test your knowledge by taking on these devious quizzes...

Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

In the event Apocrypha does not have the answers you seek, these may help you on your quest...

Discussion Forum

Ask your lore questions here

Started by Paul. Last reply by Shor 3 hours ago. 7040 Replies

This is a general discussion topic for anyone to ask questions about lore.Ask away...and hopefully other members of this group will answer Continue

Lore Article: The Shezzarine

Started by Tom. Last reply by Sephiroth on Wednesday. 30 Replies

The matter of the Shezzarine is frequently mentioned in these forums; who and what they/it are, what it means, and why they’re important. Thus I present my first Lore article.“The children of Fadomai tore out the Heart of Lorkhaj and hid it deep…Continue

Tags: Wulfharth, Whitestrake, Ysmir, Tiber, Septim

The dwemers and Lorkhan's heart.

Started by Sephiroth on Wednesday. 0 Replies

The Heart did not remain hidden, however. During the First Era, while excavating caverns under Red Mountain in …Continue

Tags: Morrowind, Chimer, Numidium, Kagrenac, 700

What "bad luck" superstitions exist in Mundus?

Started by Jake Johnson. Last reply by Phil on Tuesday. 9 Replies

I ask because I am considering a group for TESO called The Order of Thirteen, into which I plan to invite all black Khajiit (black cats), and others who have done something that can be considered "unlucky" in the world of Mundus.If this topic is in…Continue

Elder Scrolls: Gods and Religion Quiz

Started by Kiralla. Last reply by Thomas Mar 21. 16 Replies

Here is a link to a quiz that some of you might like to take to test your knowledge:Elder Scrolls: Gods and ReligionHave fun, and see how well you do.…Continue

Tags: Lore: Quiz

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Comment by Matt Feeney on Tuesday
Leki is the god of abberant swordsmanship; she's all about angles of sword strikes, she certainly has a mathematical side.
Comment by Matt Feeney on Tuesday
Not sure. I doubt the Redguards care about his magical aspect. Yokudans were advanced in mathematics though.
Comment by Phil on Tuesday

That's a good point, what god is considered the Redguard equivalent of Julianos, Matt?

Comment by Matt Feeney on Tuesday
Phil, just tell me when they talk about the Redguards some more :P
Comment by Phil on Tuesday

The Sload was a good one wasn't it? I love how Cthuluesque they made them.

The next LMA will be answering questions about the Elder Scrolls, which will be answered by Moth Sister Terran Arminus. Any questions about the Scrolls, the Moth Priests, Julianos, Jhunal or Dibella would be good ones to put in

Comment by Alastor on Monday
Awesome article on the sload, btw.
Comment by Phil on Monday

So Al-Esh was born under the sign of The Thief and The Bull of Kyne was born under the sign of The Lord? Very cool bit of lore and it's perfect.

Comment by Treshii on March 15, 2015 at 9:31am
Just pressed add smileys.. Its flooding my phone's screen xD. Hail Talos
Comment by Phil on March 13, 2015 at 2:19pm
Comment by Vaaljørn on March 12, 2015 at 9:39am

I love the video! It reminded me of a Monty Python sketch. "And now for something completely different . . ."


Discussion Forum

The dwemers and Lorkhan's heart.

Started by Sephiroth on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Are The Thalmor Doing Any Good For Their People?

Started by MarkusMasterThief. Last reply by Chris Diokno Mar 20. 21 Replies

Legendary Figures: Ulfric Stormcloak

Started by Phil. Last reply by Olfinaar Frostborn on Thursday. 59 Replies

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