Well, seeing as how my favorite spell in the entirety of Skyrim is the Whirlwind Cloak spell from the Dragonborn DLC, and because there doesn't seem to be much information about it across both UESP and TESW, I figured I'd compile a list of facts and info I've managed to find here. This Factbook will be updated whenever I come across new information about this truly unique spell.

  Spell Acquisition 

The Whirlwind Cloak spell can be acquired after completing a radiant quest called Wind and Sand for quest-giver Neloth. The quest requires a Destruction skill level of 40 and the side quest Expirimental Subject to be completed. After fulfilling those requirements, the Wind and Sand quest may be offered to you by Neloth. It is a simple fetch quest that can take you to multiple locations. Upon completion of the quest, the spell tome for Whirlwind Cloak will be available for purchase from Talvas Fathryon


  Whirlwind Cloak Facts 

  • Whirlwind Cloak has a knockdown chance of 50%, and can be boosted to 75% if the player is a vampire with the Necromage perk purchased. 
  • The Cloak has its own damage type, referred as "Whirlwind Damage" in the game's coding. It deals only 2 dps, and is affected by an opponent's magic resistance/weakness, but the knockdown chance is not.
  • Dual-Casting Whirlwind Cloak increases its range, not damage or knockdown chance. Fortify Destruction potions also have this effect.
  • Whirlwind Cloak can be cast before transforming into a werewolf, and with the werewolf perks the player can become quite devastating. This also works with the Vampire Lord form.
  • The cloak can push enemies that are already knocked down, paralyzed, frozen by Ice Form, or encased in an Ash shell, however Ice Form and Ash shells will protect them from falling damage.
  • It can be active at the same time as Ebony Mail's poison cloak.
  • It can be active with the Dawnguard Rune Shield's cloak if it is cast before equipping the shield.
  • Everything that is immune to paralysis is also immune to this cloak, however the minuscule damage still applies.
  • Whirlwind cloak also has a tendency to toss around items lying around. (Unknown if patched)
  • The base magicka cost is 338, and is reduced by the Adept Destruction perk, or any cost-reducing gear.
  • The knockback effect is applied when an enemy enters the cloak's range, not while the enemy is already in its range.


Author's note: Feel free to add facts in the reply section! If I can confirm it works, it will likely go into this list, further expanding our knowledge of this spell.

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So... I'm just getting likes and no replies? 

A like is basically saying "good job on this!"

I like it, this is very detailed and I hope to see more posts like this!

You should do this with other badly covered things on the Wiki and UESP pages, and call it 'Howe's How-to Factbook'.

It also means it doesn't have to be updated constantly, maybe just like once a month thing...

Howe's How-to, I like it!

"Howe's How-to Factbook", lol, maybe. I wasn't considering covering much more info that isn't covered on the wikis, but I might consider it, though.

This is really useful, goes perfectly with a RP build I'll be doing soon, too :)

I still love casting this cloak then whirlwind sprinting into a group of enemies

I can't confirm that what you're saying works, but there is a mod floating around on Nexus called "Whirlwind sprint plus cloak" or something similar that adds the cloak's knockback effect to the Whirlwind Sprint shout. I presume you're using that mod?

no, he first cast the cloak, then he whirlwind sprints into enemies.

You're a little late, Sigdis. I've been testing it and I've managed to have it work a couple times. I'll be updating this list with that and some other things later when I get the chance.
No. It doesn't look like that for me.

I keep saying this but i need to get the dlc already... amazing crowd-control spell, in the distruction tree! that opens up some possibilities, especially since ignite is in the tree aswell!


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