Hey Tippers and Trickers!

Have any ideas on how to improve the group? How about ideas for future Field Tests or Debates? If you do, then you came to the right place. All suggestions are given consideration, so post away!

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I guess it's only fitting that I be the first to make a suggestion. This idea was given to me by Ben C and now I pass it on to you.

David and Goliath

The player must meet Karstaag's spirit in battle and defeat him. However, the player can only take three items into battle. This includes armor, weapons, potions, misc. items, etc. Powers, shouts, and spells are all fair game.

Upon completion of this task describe how you defeated Karstaag, what difficulty you played on, and how long it took. By saving right before the battle you can track your time easily. I emphasize creativity! MfD is the obvious road, let's take one less traveled, eh? Good luck, King David!

I like the idea. The only thing that I would change is the spells. I think that spells (not shouts, powers) should count as weapons, e.g. you can use Hide Armour, one Iron Sword and Ice Spike. I'll pass this over to Dragonborn and see what he thinks. Oh, and thaks for commenting Alastor. The Challenge request thread is finally being used!

Mmm idk, a warrior has combat perks whereas a Mage has a variety of spells. Give a warrior a sword and shield and he's just as effective. Give a Mage three spells and he's pretty much boned. Maybe with shouts and powers it wouldn't be too bad. And maybe I'm just biased cuz I love mages ;)

It would basically be an unlimited amount of Shouts and Powers. And to me Ebonyflesh is the mage's armour, Grand Healing his potions, and Fireball his sword. the only problem is Magicka...Oh wait! There's the Tips and Tricks group.

Even with Mage Armor and Healing spells, you think a Mage could take one hit from a frost giant? You're out of you're mind bro. And five fireballs would waste an entire Magicka bar in seconds, quickly pissing off Karstaag. Have you ever played a pure Mage? Haha!

Consider this, Illusion spells won't affect him, healing spells are pretty much moot, alteration won't be any help with a small health pool. Can't paralyze a ghost either. Which leaves Destruction and Conj., why not let us use any spells?

Alright, I see what Dragonborn thinks.

Alastor my lord when will you stop helping us, that's a pretty great idea and I like that sort of thing, I know Field Tests were done in the past (at some point) but I can't find any of them, did you have an archive of previous ones or some sort or record that we could have.
Never Mind Albibo showed me twice

They're tagged as "TT Field Test"

I've got one. It's quick and simple, but I think quick and simple Field Tests are more likely to attract participants anyway.

Morvunskar Melee: All the player has to do is kill all of the mages in and around Morvunskar without the aid of any magic/elemental resistance, spell absorption, or the Sanguine glitch (if the player's file is effected by it). As always, the higher the difficulty, the faster the time, and most importantly, the more creative the methods, the better. Once completed, participants must list their completion time, difficulty setting, methods used, etc.

Also, could I copy the Suggestion Box image for the CB Group? Our Box looks too bland. 

Hahaha yes! And your welcome, I edited that myself ;)

For your challenge, no archery as well? That'd be too easy.
I'd say no Archery, make it truly brutal or make it insanely wrong to even suggest, melee warrior skills only.

Thanks Alastor :)

And yeah, no archery either, if you guys think it'd make it too easy.


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