There are some shouts that are very easy to utilize on their own, like Soul Tear and Unrelenting Force, and others whose effects are more subtle, like Become Ethereal and Throw Voice, and require finesse to use offensively. I was hoping you would be so kind as to list your favorite tricks and methods of incorporating Shouts into gameplay, especially the lesser used ones like Battle Fury or Drain Vitality.

Throw Voice and any environmental trap work well together when stealthed, allowing you to clear entire rooms by goading enemies into stepping on a floor plate and having a spiked wall bash them into oblivion.

Aura Whisper is a great spell to use with Ice Storm, as it can shoot through walls. This allows an enterprising Mage to clear a room without even entering it. Just use the shout to line up shots and fire away. While this method can be used with Detect Life/Death also, neither of those spells also detect automatons like Aura Whisper, making this good for Dwemer ruins.

Dismay is an underrated shout for mid-level thief characters. No charge time needed, no Magicka cost, and it can clear a room so you can loot it uninterrupted and run back to a secure hiding spot to go back into stealth. It's also nice for archers when living enemies start to get too close. Just keep an eye on the doors and snipe enemies who try and leave the room.

Bend Will is a ludicrously powerful shout. Its first word is a two-second stagger, making it a good means of interrupting enemy casters and archers briefly. Its second word turns every living enemy into your followers temporarily, making it a powerful tool for illusionists or members of the Imperial race, who can chain it with Voice of the Emperor to have an uninterrupted 120 seconds to clear enemies out one by one (Bend Will 2nd word, then Voice of the Emperor, then Bend Will again).

Soul Tear works on Mammoths. Using Animal Allegiance on them does more than just send them against their Giant buddies, it places Mammoths in a position where you can zap them wih Soul Tear after they've been weakened by whatever combat you sent them into, netting you a grand soul and a hairy undead elephant friend.

Cyclone will juggle a giant while you raid its camp for stuff. Just saying.

Kyne's Peace is a great way to gather leather, as well as practice sneak attacks.

I'll be happy to add more should any be submitted.

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Another good combo to mention is Call Dragon and Bend Will. By using call dragon and immediately waiting 2 hours with game wait system you can bend will Odahviing when he finally shows up.

Also, Frost Breath with Dragonborn Frost is a beastly combo with Mass Paralysis, allowing indefinite control over anything that is able to be paralyzed (mammoths and dragons are some of the few things safe from this.

Slow time is a classic to combo for serious bullet time. You can use Steady hands and shout prep it with 1 word and hold steady hand until it naturally turns off to double duration or you can time quick reflexes for when it's about to end and hit 3 words Slow time for some truly insane matrix time shenanigans.
How do you use Quick Reflexes with 3 words of Slow Time? I never got this to work but it would be indeed pretty powerful.
Lots and lots of timing XD. I've gotten slow time to last up to 3 minutes with only quick reflexes and necrovamp
It also helps if you shout prep it and release block only as the quick reflexes ends

Animal Allegiance and Battle Fury is probably my favorite combo,

Become Ethereal is great to distract hits from a follower, and also useful for when you're about to go into werewolf form. You can also regenerate some some good health while ethereal. If you pick the lady stone, meditate on Feim with Paarthurnax and get 1 item of 50% health regen, you get +100% health regen while ethereal, which is pretty neat. With the amulet of talos and blessing of talos you can stay ethereal 67% of the time with the first word, 72% with the second and 75% with the last. With Morokei or Dragon Aspect you can stay Ethereal indefinitely. Great synergy with cloak spells and master level spells.

I think it's cool to mention that Stability and Fortify Alteration potions also effect Become Ethereal, you can get some truly ludicrous run-times with that, and could probably run it through even a completely natural Shout cooldown time.

Not to mention that Bloodskal Blade's beam attack won't break Ethereal (or Invisibility) as long as you don't hit anyone...So not only could you use this infinite BE, but also add a decent (ish) long ranged, multi-target attack that won't ever break BE, basically making you an immortal that can't be hurt at all. 

Does it? AFAIK only Slow Time is affected.

Not as far as I'm aware. UESP makes no note of it like it does for Slow Time.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Become Ethereal isn't affected.

Well I'll take your word for it, I could have sworn it did...But it could have just been me mixing the two up a little bit. Still even with Stability it can be a lot of fun 

I believe become ethereal is. It falls under damage mitigation magic which the game engine would have placed that under alteration. Thus potions of alteration would increase duration.


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