Have questions about some of Skyrim's game mechanics? Post them here, and someone can link you to an existing discussion or answer your question for you.

For example, I might want to know some good recipes for Poisons. Someone could link me to Dragon's Alchemy Guide, Vazgen's DLC recipes, or give me some of their favorites.

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I heard that if you pass the Persuade (or maybe it was Intimidate) option on the toll bandit in front of Valtheim Towers, they turn non-hostile. Is that true for all the bandits in the area, or just the one? And how high does your Speech have to be?

Will there be any bugs if I do all the quests I need to make Honeyside available for purchase, but do other quests before buying it?

No there are no bugs if you complete all the quests but do other things before turning them into the jarl, even if you change who the jarl is by completing the civil war or during season unending. 

Also, I would suggest moving over to the new site to field your questions, this site will not be up for much longer.


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