Have questions about some of Skyrim's game mechanics? Post them here, and someone can link you to an existing discussion or answer your question for you.

For example, I might want to know some good recipes for Poisons. Someone could link me to Dragon's Alchemy Guide, Vazgen's DLC recipes, or give me some of their favorites.

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I honestly have no idea, it has something to do with the underlying programming. It can be modified with the creation kit to some extent I think, but only someone with an understanding of the programming behind the AI or Bethesda themselves would be able to give a proper answer.

The guy behind Duel - Combat Realism might be able to give you an in-depth answer. This question is above my understanding.

It seems to me Whirlwind Cloak does a small amount of damage over time. The question is, how much damage? I've clocked it myself and think it's around 4-6 dps, comparing to Lightning Cloak, both tested against an Elder Dragon on Adept. But I can't do 'official' testing as I am on console.

Also, does it have an element? Or does it just deal non-elemental magic damage?

According to the Creation Kit it does 2 points of 'Whirlwind' Damage.

Since this is a different damage type I don't think it's resisted by anyone.

So it only does 2 points of damage each second? Can't I still improve that by giving enemies a Weakness to Magic effect?

Yep, 2 per second. It's a magic effect so weakness to magic would apply.

Looks like this thread is doing its job!

Checked UESP and it lists the effect as "Whirlwind Cloak, 10 pts. for 60 seconds". I didn't think that was the damage, since it does less damage than the other cloak spells.

That should be the case.  Also, assuming "Whirlwind Damage" is tagged as a Destruction effect, it should benefit from Fortify Destruction potions.  Even with those things though, I can't imagine you'd be able to get it above 4 or 5 damage per second, and it would take a lot of maintenance.

No, I've tried. It looks like Fortify Destruction increases range, like it does with the other cloaks. I can confirm that the knockdown effect tied to it is affected by the Necromage/Vampire combo. 

It's considered a fire, shock or ice spell? It is affected by perks?

What school of magic governs the Skull of Corruption (like Staff of Magnus=Alteration, etc.)? And does Weakness to Magic increase the damage?

It doesn't specify a magic school.

Something I did notice though is apparently the magicka absorb for the Staff of Magnus is affected by Alteration but the health absorb is affected by Restoration.

It counts as a magical attack so it would be affected by weakness.

Yeah, I knew about the dual schools of the Staff of Magnus. Sucks about the Staff of Corruption though, would've been really cool trying to improve that.


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