I haven’t seen this glitch posted here or elsewhere so I think I might have something new for you guys, if not then I’m sure the “powers that be” will sort it out.  Anyway I discovered this glitch a few days ago and after testing it out on multiple characters I’m posting my findings here.

I have discovered a way to get Katria to become a permanent follower in vanilla (console) Skyrim.  When you arrive at Arkngthamz she appears and offers to help you explore the ruin.  Accept her invitation and proceed with clearing the ruin.  Unlike most quest followers Katria will not follow you outside of the dungeon and will stay in the main chasm area awaiting your return.  However, at a certain point in this quest she will become bound to the character.

Continue to clear Arkngthamz until you come to the tonal lock puzzle.  Hit the wrong tonal mechanism, I usually just hit the one in the center; this will cause a group of dwarven spiders to attack.  Defeat the spiders and then leave the ruins.  Once you exit to the world map Katria will spawn next to you and will continue to follow you and fight enemies wherever you go. 

She is essential and will never become hostile to you.  She doesn’t take up a follower or pet slot; she is “additional” and behaves like a quest follower.  The negative aspect to having her as a follower is that you have to forego the rest of her quest, which means no Aetherium Swag.

Katria will follow you and will fight for you wherever you go.  If she does happen to die she will disappear in a mist and reappear a few moments later by your side ready for battle once more.  There are a few occasions when she will fail to respawn next you.  In these instances simply travel back to the Arkngthamz she will reappear at the entrance and start following you again.

There are a few areas that Katria will not enter namely, The Soul Cairn, Apocrypha, and Skuldafn/Sovngarde.

There you go, a way to get a ghost follower in Skyrim.  I wish I had discovered this little glitch for my Medium character build as I feel it suits the character very well.  Perhaps you other builder’s out there will come up with a build that uses this in a fun and thematic way?  Either way I hope some of you guys enjoy having a ghost haunt your travels.


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Hey there Vargr! and I like to say this discovery was loads of fun and if I could like it more than once I would!

I recently made a roleplay character focusing on using Katria as a companion and it's amazing! Here are some things I've found about Katria:

- She is a ghost and can't be hit by anything.

- Enemies will still still try and hit her in vain.

- She uses dwarven arrows that can be picked up or found lodged on a target.

- Her damage is pretty powerful. (I tried getting her at level 1 and she could pretty much 1-2 shot everything)

- One of the coolest thing I found out about her is that she has a line that warns you of danger whenever an enemy gets in range. Totally cool as a roleplay aspect.

This was tested with unofficial patches though so it might be different on vanilla?

Thanks Yvandil I'm glad you enjoyed being haunted. 

That first point in interesting because in my uses of her she can be hit by enemies causing her to disappear and then reappear by my side after a few seconds, maybe this is because I play on Xbox 360.

Not only does she use dwarven arrows she is equipped with her own Zephyr bow!

She is incredibly powerful!  She is quite capable of soloing Blood Dragons, I've seen it first hand.

I'm glad to hear that this works with the patch.  Most glitches, bugs, and exploits that I use in builds are things that were fixed by the patch making them unusable by PC gamers.  Though those same things tend to have mods anyway making my console "work around" unnecessary.

That's awesome.  Too bad my current character dev needs the crown But I can see using that in other builds.

Actually went and looked at my builds and think this would fit my Ghost Hunter build perfectly as well as getting rid of one or two other followers in the process.  Thanks for the find!


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