So, I know we have a few shameless Alchemy lovers on the blog (myself among them), and this group has seen several fantastic Alchemy discussions. But I don't believe we've had one that hinges on potions that can be brewed exclusively from ingredients that can be cultivated in your Hearthfire house. Not until now, at any rate.

If you like Alchemy, you need to pick up Hearthfire. The ability to grow your own ingredients in bulk allows for an endless stock of potions with no maintenance. I personally use a Hearthfire home on all of my alchemist characters (which is at least half, since Alchemy is far and away my favorite crafting skill).

So, let's make an index of useful potions that can be made with plantable ingredients!


What You Can Do » Suggest your favorite potions and poisons (I'll give you credit of course). Please limit it to potions whose ingredients can ALL be grown in a Hearthfire garden or greenhouse. Please suggest a name for your creation as well! If the potion requires the Purity perk, please indicate that. Please only suggest potions with at least two effects.

Note #1 » I'm on the fence about whether the fish hatchery should be included. It opens up several more effects that would otherwise not be obtainable, but fish only spawn in batches of 3 or 6, which is only enough to keep up with one or two plants. Does anyone have thoughts on that front?

Note #2 » All listed magnitudes and/or durations assume level 100 Alchemy skill, with 5/5 Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor, Poisoner, and +66% Fortify Alchemy equipment.

Note #3 » Hearthfire is also very useful for quickly leveling the Alchemy skill. The best potion for this purpose is a combination of Creep Cluster, Mora Tapinella, and Scaly Pholiota. This is also a good potion to craft if you need to make some quick money.



Hist Reserve

Effects » Fortify Health Regen 125% for 300s; Fortify Archery 100% for 60s

Ingredients » Canis Root, Juniper Berries, Namira's Rot



Effects » Fortify Destruction 125% for 60s; Fortify Health 100pts for 60s

Ingredients » Glowing Mushroom, Nightshade, Wheat


Mummer's Farce

Effects » Fortify Illusion 100% for 60s; Restore Magicka 156pts; Fortify Stamina Regen 125% for 300s

Ingredients » Mora Tapinella, Red Mountain Flower, Scaly Pholiota


The Dragon Within

Effects » Fortify Two-handed 100% for 60s; Fortify Stamina Regen 125% for 300s; Resist Fire 75% for 60s; Fortify Illusion 100% for 60s

Ingredients » Dragon's Tongue, Fly Amanita, Mora Tapinella



Effects » Fortify Block 100% for 60s; Resist Magic 25% for 60s

Ingredients » Bleeding Crown, Tundra Cotton


Font of Healing (by Samjt)

Effects » Fortify Health 100pts for 60s; Restore 156 Health

Ingredients » Blue Mountain Flower, Wheat

Wyrmskin (by Samjt)

Effects » Resist Fire 75% for 60s; Resist Frost 75% for 60s

Ingredients » Fly Amanita, Snowberries, Thistle Branch

Eorland's Joy (by Vazgen)

Effects » Fortify Health 100pts for 60s; Restore 156 Health; Fortify Smithing 100% for 30s

Ingredients » Blue Mountain Flower, Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom

Anti-Magic Burst (by Vazgen)

Effects » Fortify Health 100pts for 60s; Restore 156 Health; Resist Shock 75% for 60s

Ingredients » Blue Mountain Flowing, Glowing Mushroom, Swamp Fungal Pod


Festering Wound

Effects » Damage Health 75pts; 50% Weakness to Poison for 30s

Ingredients » Bleeding Crown, Deathbell, Red Mountain Flower


Crippling Blow

Effects » Lingering Damage Health 25pts/s for 10s; Paralysis for 25s

Ingredients » Canis Root, Imp Stool, Mora Tapinella


Vigor Extraction

Effects » Ravage Health 50pts; 50% Weakness to Magic 50% for 30s

Ingredients » Giant Lichen, Jazbay Grapes, Scaly Pholiota

Hellfire (by Samjt)

Effects » Weakness to Fire 75% for 30s; Weakness to Poison 50% for 30s

Ingredients » Bleeding Crown, Deathbell, Juniper Berries

Balazs' Draught of Death (by Balazs Krekacs)

Effects » Lingering Damage Health 25pts/s for 10s; Damage Health 50pts

Ingredients » Bleeding Crown, Deathbell, Juniper Berries



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It's already on the list, under the name "The Dragon Within." 

This is a great idea Vaz.

> Vaz

LOL :D *feeling famous* :P

Woops Sorry Teccam  It's just I associate Alchemy with Vazgen and you both have symbols or avatars. Please forgive me

Hellfire - Weakness to Fire+Weaknes to Poison
Bleeding Crown+Juniper Berries+Deathbell

Edit: Just realised, need the amounts. I'll have a look for Garralab and get back to you. Why 66% though?
For well-rounded numbers I believe.
I prefer 33%. It has restore effects on 100 and Fortify skill effects at 80
Okay, I'll just do this again now Garralab is up.

Hellfire - 70% Weakness to Fire + 50% Weakness to Poison
Bleeding Crown + Deathbell + Juniper Berries

Yeah, the 66% was chosen for the round numbers. 33%, 67%, and 100% all work too. I chose 66% because it's easy to attain without any perks/experience in Enchanting, and still makes a hell of a difference. Totally arbitrary though.

Sam, thanks for your suggestions. I added all except Venom (that was already in the index, under "Crippling Blow").

I'll keep updating this as new suggestions come in. I'm thinking maybe I'll add a new section where stuff like insects and fish can be included. They're not as farmable as the plants, but they can still add up if you harvest regularly. And that opens the door for a ton more possible potions/poisons.

Before that, I want to figure out exactly which insects can spawn in the greenhouse, and how often they spawn (i.e., every cell load?). I'll check that ASAP.

Obvious one.

Font of Healing - Fortify Health 100 for 60s + Restore 156 Health
Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat
Venom - Paralysis 25s + Lingering Damage Health 25 for 10s
Canis Root + Imp Stool + Mora Tapinella


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