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Welcome to Tips and Tricks!

Here you can find all manner of tips, guides and exploits to help you throughout your adventures in Skyrim.

To help you find what you're looking for we have a handy set of tags! Simply clicking a tag link will take you to all the relevant discussions in the group - or alternatively you can take a look at the QuestionsThread if you can't find what you're after. If you're having a problem with an in-game bug, check out the Bug Help Thread.

We have more T&T Challenges coming your way. There is also a Challenge Suggestion Box for future challenges!

  • Exploits
    • Exploits are ways to break the game with a hugely beneficial effect for the player, such as easy leveling or immense power.
  • Glitches
    • Glitches are relatively minor flaws in the game which can be used for amusement, benefit or both!
  • Guides
    • Guides are in-depth walkthroughs on how to do something in Skyrim, such as set of Alchemy recipes or a big list of leveling tips.
  • Hints
    • Hints are little tips that you might not have known about Skyrim before.
  • Leveling
    • These posts will show you a way to level skills quickly, easily or cheaply.
  • Gold
    • These posts will show you easy ways of getting large sums of money.
  • Equipment
    • These posts will show you how to get powerful or rare items easily.
  • Magic
    • These posts give you some tips for using magic, from spells, powers, shouts or otherwise.
  • Tests 
  • These Posts are current tests that members may be researching and that you can potentially help out with.


  • Role-Playing
  • These Posts help help you to find tips, help, guides and tricks to specific role-plays.

Don't forget if you have something to add feel free to post it in a discussion of your own, and to have it included under one of the tag links simply tag it "Tips and Tricks Exploits" for example (with quotation marks). You can use up to 2 tags per post - say for an exploit for infinite gold, I would tag it "Tips and Tricks Exploits", "Tips and Tricks Gold".

Most important tip in the group: Have fun!

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Comment by Dragonborn1421 20 hours ago
Hey there Laurence, I'll start of by saying that this is a fine place to ask this but the Questions Thread (which can be found towards the top of this page) would be a better place to do it.

I'm sorry to tell you that we don't appear to have a detailed rundown on staves in this group yet but if you have a slightly more specific question I can try answer it for you.
Comment by Laurence Cooper 20 hours ago

Hello all, 
My search fu seems to be failing so I was wondering if there is an article about the usefulness of staffs?

I just finished my Arbalist play through, and as I have been getting eaten alive by the dragon priest staffs for the last few runs.  So I was hoping a run down on the DP staffs would be helpful?

(If this is in the wrong area I apologize.)

Comment by Caesar Strong-Heart 22 hours ago

Hello all, co-host Caesar here. I would like you all to know that the T&T group now has a new tag for role-play specific discussions. It functions the same way as other tags, simply tag it "Tips and Tricks Role-Play", with quotation marks. Please note that this tag will be added to all existing discussions that involve role-play. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either me or Dragonborn for assistance.

Comment by Dragonborn1421 on Thursday
Thanks for the feedback Teccam. I completely understand where you're coming from with this and I'll quickly outline my point of view on it.

It's not so much us editing everything and we wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't for the fact that this group has been more or less inactive for months now (with many of the discussions being over a year old)

In the future it won't be happening unless we're asked to. As I said thanks for the feedback and we'll certainly take it in stride. To be honest we looked through and everything was up to standard anyway so there wasn't really any problem.
Comment by Teccam on Thursday

Hm, not sure I like the idea of hosts editing submitted content (as long as it's not rule-breaking of course).

I encourage you guys to send messages to the OPs of subpar submissions explaining what they should do to improve the post, and maybe closing egregious cases unless/until the OP demonstrates willingness to seek improvement. Focus on fostering high quality new content and active participation, rather than on altering old content -- especially if doing so comes without express consent from the original author.

Just my two cents on the matter, take it for what it's worth to you.

Comment by Dragonborn1421 on Thursday
Thanks Ponty, we'll be working hard to keep it up (and hopefully expand the group a little.
Comment by Ponty on Thursday

Good stuff Dragonborn, glad to see someone back in control of the group

Comment by Dragonborn1421 on Thursday

Alright Guys expect a new challenge up soon, maybe not today or tomorrow but soon. And don't worry we'll give you some extra time because of Christmas (probably anyway)

Comment by Dragonborn1421 on Thursday

Hey Everyone just thought we'd let you know that we're currently going through all the topics and making sure the grammar, spelling and the like are all up to scratch, We may also slightly change the discussion if something is unclear or the Author has left something small out, for instance the Money Making Guide now has a quick disclaimer saying that speech will effect some prices listed.

Don't worry we won't be changing anything major and it's all still the original poster's work, if anyone has a serious problem with us doing this feel free to tell us, to be fair i'll probably say good for you and continue but if multiple people have a huge problem we'll stop.

Comment by Alastor on October 15, 2014 at 11:11pm
Without perks you can enchant an 8pt. unarmed boost with a Grand Soul Gem. With max enchanting perks a an enchantin potion you can push that to 14pts. 6 extra points of damage is t worth all that Enchanting.

Necromage/Vampirism has little to no effect on that particular enchantment. It might boost it 1 pt but I didn't see a change when I tried I myself.

Trust me, those fortify marksman potions will be plenty to kill anything so long as you raise Alchemy quickly and get pick up a few fortify Alchemy armor pieces. Krosis is one.

I actually made a build using all of that showed how Necromage affects it all:

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