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Here you can find all manner of tips, guides and exploits to help you throughout your adventures in Skyrim.

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  • Exploits
    • Exploits are ways to break the game with a hugely beneficial effect for the player, such as easy leveling or immense power.
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    • Glitches are relatively minor flaws in the game which can be used for amusement, benefit or both!
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    • These posts will show you easy ways of getting large sums of money.
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    • These posts will show you how to get powerful or rare items easily.
  • Magic
    • These posts give you some tips for using magic, from spells, powers, shouts or otherwise.

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  • Hi! Does anyone know if the random spells cast by the wabbajack can be controlled? For example, is there any exploit that will make the staff only turn people into chickens?
  • Alright! The tag links are all fixed and good to giggity go!
  • Since Teccam doesn't seem to be posting it I should be able to have the next Field Test up later this week.

  • Is the the glitch with Cured Lycantrophy that could still transform with Hircine's Ring still working? If so, does it still work if the Character is now a Vampire/Vampire-Lord?
  • Ey, just havin' a wonder, might there be a way to get weapon enchants on things ya normally can't get 'em on? Was hopin' to get unarmed strikes with Drain Health... Any way that can get done? No mods, unfortunately; PS3 player.

  • I'll be replying to the Q/R discussion later this week with knowledge bombs all around. Work and travel is taking up a lot of my time currently, but I have a few days off during the week. The weekly T&T will be up either today or tomorrow (I keep pushing it one day, don't I?).

    Just letting you guys know that I ain't out of the game!

  • Matt, it wasn't developing the way I wanted it to.  I haven't abandoned it, but I was having "builder's block" and needed a change of pace, so I decided to try to develop another idea I'd been sitting on.

  • Does that mean you aren't doing the Ansei?
  • Someone wrote a rough guide to playing as a werewolf a few months back.  They never updated it though, and I think I was the only person who commented.

    My next build is going to be a werewolf, and I already have a fair amount of experience after developing the Loup-Garou.  I may take a crack at a werewolf guide if there's any interest, and no one else wants to do it.

  • I've been working on a vamp lord one actually

This reply was deleted.