So this is just an idea that's been kind of poking at me for the last couple of months, and was spurred on by the fact that I just don't have the time to play as many games as I'd like. I have dozens of ideas for builds, but I just can't sit down and play a 100+ hour campaign.

Basically, a Character Concept would contain pretty much everything a build would have, but to a lesser degree. It wouldn't be able to delve into all of the gameplay or quest based content, but you could still give theoretical perks/skills/abilities/whatever your game has, and how the character should/would act. I know I'm probably not explaining it too well (that's usually where I can fall short). Think of it as a piece of content that's somewhere between a Character Snapshot and Character Build, it doesn't require the vigorous playtesting of a Build but contains more information than a Snapshot. 

Anyway, I wanted to put the idea out there to see if anyone was interested in the idea, so uh, yeah let me know what you think about it.

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Sounds Good to me in theory, please remember though guys this is the Rpg group so as long as any Rp profiles are connected to an Rpg then feel free to post any and all content regarding same, B

So basically, you'd just be presenting a concept for a build rather than an actual character build? Also, I was under the impression that you don't have to playtest an RP Profile or Snapshot.

I suppose that's the best way to look at it. And yes, I did point out you don't have to play-test an RP Profile or Snapshot, but the content with them differs from what you'd put in a build. I mean, RP Profiles are purely about the RP...You don't talk about mechanics or gameplay like you would in a GP Profile...or Character Concept, and well the only difference between a Snapshot and one of these is the length. 

Im confused. What is your end game with this idea? 

I posted an example recently, but I don't have one really. Just sharing ideas in a more in-depth way even if I can't personally finish a build. 

I think this is a great idea because there are more than enough games that can be considered rpg but lack the potential for a complete build. Your Sabretooth (in short) would be a good example: While the game might not be that great as an rpg, the intention behind it, the gameplay perspective is very interesting.
There are also games that completely 'miss' parts that a build would have, like a background that you can create yourself. This would also allow more focus on specific aspects of the game, say you're more into roleplay, why not extend that section into a build-wide thing?

Another way of using this concept would be to create 'Starter-Builds' (for people that play specific games for the first few times or just dont get along with tactics/crafting/combat/etc) that only explain and guide very few elements like the intended combat style, crafting combos or roleplay aspects, without containing major spoilers or taking away from the fun to play a fresh game.
If I look back at my gaming history, there were quite some times were I was confused especially by skills that require ingridients or quests that want you to make choices where you cant see what's comming for you long-term. A small help can really help and can be useful even for players that went through those games a dozen times. There is always something hidden, some boon, a new feint or weapon that makes it worth to read through the Concept and maybe turn on the machine to play through that game again, this time with someone else's story/roleplay or gameplay style.

Like for instance, PayDay has perks you can unlock via leveling up, gear you can choose, etc. Yet, its still moreso an FPS, and I´d like to see builds based on it

Huh. I didn't really think about it that way. Interesting.

There are a lot of possibilities here, it's just not that easy to list all of them + explanation.

I've got a few examples of what I've already done if that helps show what I'd originally meant. But I do like your ideas Relycs, they're definitely interesting 

Playstyle Based Concept - this is just a general concept that you could apply to any character

Roleplay Based - This one is essentially purely RP based, with just enough information provided to play the character (so no complete perk spreads or even equipment lists).

Mini-Build - This one is basically a build just with less information, kind of similar to the first one I linked but also a little different (IMO)

I know Dragon Age Origins and 2 have some builds but Inquisition doesn't. I would love to see some. Don't forget the dlcs.


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