AHA, I have another Corner now  The second House of DB has just started up, fear the wrath of the many Corners.

Anyway, little joke aside, this discussion is slightly different from my other discussion (Over Here) about Pokemon, because well first it's a bit more focused on the Pokemon Showdown site, which for those that don't know, allows you to create teams and battle with them, but you get to skip all the boring EV/IV training, trading across Pokemon so you can get the perfect move-set or ability from a different generation, and just generally makes it easier to battle people.

So I figured there are two main uses for this discussion, first off we can use it to share replays of sweet battles we've had, and it could also be used for us to set up battles between each other (in other words, fight me people, I will demolish you with my Monotype teams

The Challengers:

Tae-Rai goes by TaeRai

Capricorn goes by Cpt. Raicorn

Bew W goes by Wergar 

DB's Mighty Tournament Rules:

  1. Each person can bring two OU teams and two Monotype teams into the Tournament. These teams will be submitted to Dragonborn1721 (privately) before the Tournament begins, and must remain completely the same throughout the entire Tournament. 
  2. All Teams must have 6 Pokemon at Level 100
  3. Each player will play each other three times during the Tournament, twice in an OU match using either OU team, and once using either Monotype team.
  4. A win will get you 1 point, while a loss will get you 0. 
  5. The replay for each battle must be shared here afterwards by both players. This can be done by hitting upload replay, and then sharing it from there. 

Finals Rules:

  1. During the finals, the two highest scoring players can battle in any Tier that they agree on, and must submit two teams specifically for the finals. One of those teams will have 6 Pokemon, while the other will be their substitute team and only have 3.
  2. They will play each other in a series of 3 battles, and in between each battle can exchange one of their Pokemon for one of their substitutes (only 1). The winner is whoever wins two out of three.
  3. As before the replay for each battle must be shared here by both players. 

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Replies to This Discussion

You know you can count me in on this :D I WILL DESTROY YOU!! XD

DB1721, Have you posted this twice mate?

Ah apparently I had, didn't even notice but I've gotten rid of the other one, thanks for pointing it out.

Bitch please, come face me! Name is TaeRai, send me a message whenever you want to be slaughtered battle.

*Clears throat* 

Just so you are aware guys I have requested a front page feature for this discussion, the global phenomenon that is Pokemon should be encouraged I feel, I trust you guys will be happy 

Sorry Bonelord, slipped my mind but I forgot to thank you for that, I'm hoping a few more people are interested but it is nice to have it up on the front page.

Ahh, are you trying to get me back into Pokemon? Wish I could; I haven't the time to learn to stall again...

Im ready, my name is Cpt. Raicorn, and Im taking on all challengers XD

Hey guys it would be good if you all posted the results of your "fights", if things pick up we will possibly start a mini league to find a grand champion, your thoughts guys please?

That was more or less my original idea (sharing the battles at least, that mini league is a great idea) but I haven't battled anyone. 

Before we do that, we need to establish rules I suppose, should be pretty easy considering Showdown is nice and sets rules up anyway.

Alright, anyone interested in a little tournament? And if so what Tier or Metagame would you like to play? Personally, I'll kick yo asses in Monotype any day, so I'll probably vote that, but I could be cool with OU or UU.

I almost always play OU, every now and again Ill roll Ubers just for the hell of it.


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