Morning Ladies and Gents, I wanted to create a space for an upcoming project that has be unbelievably hyped, screw Fallout 4 or Skywind, people I'd like to bring your attention to KOTOR Apeiron.

So what is KoTOR Apeiron? Well to make it short and sweet, it's a remake of Knights of the Old Republic using the Unreal engine, but I suppose even that doesn't sell it right. Apeiron is not only a remake, but it also promises to add new content including, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and companions.

A comparison of Tatooine (New-Right, Original-Left)

Now, it is still fairly early in development, but to me this is something that could be massive, not just for me but by the looks of it, the Gaming Corner as well. Based on content, even discounting Albino we seem to have a large fanbase for KoTOR here and this is the perfect chance for new and old players to get back into the Game.

I'll be keeping updates coming to this discussion, I am hella excited for this update, and I wish all the best for the team behind it. 

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I've only got one screenshot to drop in, but damn it might just be the best one I've seen so far.

Just look at Dantooine and how bloody amazing the planet looks. Honestly guys, this is just ridiculously amazing looking. So this is the 3rd planet we've seen so far, Taris and Tantooine seem fairly complete based on the sheer number of screenshots (I think this is only the second Dantooine one) and it could be that they're working on building up their third planet.

I'm definitely beyond hyped for the eventual reveal of Korriban now. 

We still don't have any news on the new features of the game other than the quick 3rd person shot from last week, but I'm hopeful it'll be just as cool. 

So is this a graphical overhaul, or are they going to change the controls too?

It's everything really, they're overhauling it graphically, and they're also adding in new content, changing the controls (both third and first person mainly at the moment) and just in general completely overhauling everything but the audio (Apparently that would make it far easier to sue them over it..)

Man. I'm salivating a tiny bit

I'm guessing this might be the Undercity Cantina, and it's really looking great, I really can't wait to see what some of the rest of the city looks like if they keep adding stuff like this. 

Woo, a new picture after a pretty long wait. The Ebon Hawk is looking pretty damn sweet (even if it's, uh slightly a WiP)

I haven't updated this thread in awhile but now seems like a really good time. This first image is the Endar Spire version 2.2, and looks absolutely stunning, definitely a slight improvement over some of the earlier models they had (which might be visible in the comments, some pictures seem to have deleted themselves). 

The second and third are of the Undercity on Taris and looks absolutely amazing, I can't wait to see more of it 

I wish time travel was possible so I may go to a time when this is finally released, then download it to a flash drive or something, then come back in time to play it. 


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