Morning Ladies and Gents, I wanted to create a space for an upcoming project that has be unbelievably hyped, screw Fallout 4 or Skywind, people I'd like to bring your attention to KOTOR Apeiron.

So what is KoTOR Apeiron? Well to make it short and sweet, it's a remake of Knights of the Old Republic using the Unreal engine, but I suppose even that doesn't sell it right. Apeiron is not only a remake, but it also promises to add new content including, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and companions.

A comparison of Tatooine (New-Right, Original-Left)

Now, it is still fairly early in development, but to me this is something that could be massive, not just for me but by the looks of it, the Gaming Corner as well. Based on content, even discounting Albino we seem to have a large fanbase for KoTOR here and this is the perfect chance for new and old players to get back into the Game.

I'll be keeping updates coming to this discussion, I am hella excited for this update, and I wish all the best for the team behind it. 

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What a time to post this, managed to get it up (twice) in the short period of time Ning allowed me onto the Site. Anyway, figured this definitely deserves more attention than being swept under by the 500 error. 

Holy Jesus on a Bicycle on fire in California, this is bucking AWESOME! I would totally play this when its done. Hopefully it doesnt take more than two or three years

It seems like they're well underway with the world creation, with parts of Taris and Dantooine finished, and they've obviously done a bit of work on Tatooine. 

I don't know how close they are but I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't finished by 2018, but at the same time I also wouldn't be surprised if we got it in the next 2 years. I suppose it all depends on what they're upto right now, and whether or not they get shut down.

From what I hear, they're more than likely going to get shut down on copyright grounds. I'd love to see KotOR remade, but I don't think the fans are going to be able to do it.

Yet Capcom was A-OK with fans remaking RE2

Heh, Capcom and Disney are very different entities.

That is true. Hopefully they can do this. I've been wanting to do fan versions of KOTOR 3 and 1313 for awhile now. Granted, I wouldn't label them as Star Wars games, probably

There is something else to sadly consider. The fact that KotOR isn't canon, might mean that Disney won't give two shits about a fan-made version being made. Considering this group isn't making money off everything might mean it just isn't worth their time to shut down...

Though who knows, they could shut it down still.


Well, there are hints that the Old Republic may be canon in Rebels

And in Force Awakened (Ren's saber crystal comes from Malachor V),but it isn't confirmed canon (though obviously, there isn't a single fan who doesn't consider it canon)

Plus, Clone Wars I believed, one Clone was like "What the Malachor?" and one episode I believe mentioned the Scourge of Malachor V

That was probably pre-cut though, unless that was more recent. 


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