So, even though we talk about all RPG's here, the group does have a focus on The Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Souls. So a simple set of questions

  1. What's your favorite series?
  2. What is your favorite game in all of the series we focus on here?
  3. Do you have any content planned for these main series games?

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  1. Hmm, it's really a difficult pick between Dragon Age and KotOR...I think I'll have to go with KotOR because both of the games are amazing, while DA has a single game that I'm not as much a fan of.
  2. Witcher 3, definitely have to give the Witcher 3 the best game out of the bunch.
  3. Yep, got a couple Dragon Age builds in the work, I'm playing through KotOR right now (and going to have a blast with either a build or RP profile). And I need to find a physical copy of Blood and Wine before I'll go with a complete playthrough of the Witcher 3

1. Mass Effect, hands down! The rich sci-fi universe, memorable and well-written characters, smooth and fast-paced TPS gameplay make it almost my ideal game. Almost, because I would have liked it to have stealth gameplay implemented!

2. I'd say Mass Effect 3. The gameplay was perfected in the third installment, characters got their arcs resolved, the story was the most emotional experience I had in a video game.

3. I might post more Mass Effect 3 builds in the future, got quite a few ideas for those.

I've never been able to get into Mass Effect. I mean it seems like the perfect game for me, a combination of well-written characters (which I've heard are even better than Dragon Age's), what I've heard is a great story and a Sci-Fi setting would usually have me hooked within 10 minutes.

But Mass Effect's gameplay is what I found difficult to get down, it was very awkward feeling and clunky. Is this just a problem with Mass Effect 1, or do you think it's just something that takes some getting used to?

Its ME1. Gameplay got a large overhaul in ME2 and was perfected in ME3. I highly recommend getting past the clunkiness of ME1 combat mechanics and push to ME2 - that's where the gameplay fun starts :)
Play Mass Effect 1 on the easiest difficulty. Gameplay is crap all u want is the story, so why make the gameplay worse?

And then the story is crap in 2 which balances it out 

Hmm, a toss up between Persona, and KOTOR. KOTOR, hands down. Possibly

Chris...uh Persona isn't one of the series that the group focuses on...It might be a solid game, but eh, little bit of a different discussion that would be

Oh, I read the first question as favorite RPG series, like, in general

Fair enough that was worded poorly 

I haven't actually played the Persona games, which one would you recommend a newbie starts with? 

Hmm, tough question. Persona 3 has connections to the 4th game, so I´d start there. Unless you have a PSP/Vita or a PC where you can get PS1 ISOs, then you can´t play the first two, with the 2nd one being split into two games. 

You can download Persona 3 and 4, as well as some of the other Shin Megami Tensei games off of PSN. Or just emulate them

I think I might buy it when I get a little more money for PlayStation...or it goes on sale (which I doubt), $10 is a little much for me to play.

I have to ask...does anyone own a PSP? I keep getting confused when they announce new ones because I was pretty sure nobody bought them. But I suppose Nintendo must not have a total monopoly on  the hand-held market if Sony can keep justifying the creation of the PSP.

So I will quickly ask, how heavy is the character customization? I mean, it looks like a fantasy game, so what type of skills can my Persona use?


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