Dragon Age is probably one of the bigger RPG series ever released, and it's also one that's excellent for Building in. So, in my new series (Building In...) I wanted to discuss some of the more interesting topics in regards to building in the Dragon Age series

What type of Character do you play?

Do you prefer Roleplay or Gameplay?

Is your team based on power or how much you like the character?

Do you have a set team or roll everyone?

What ratio of Mage/Warrior/Rogue do you use?

What's your favorite game in the series?

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But when you two shot a high dragon on hard mode you feel like a GOD.

Character: Tank; Neutral Good or True Neutral
Roleplay vs. Gameplay: Roleplay, but really a combination.
Power vs. Personality: I go by class, base utility, and how much I like then.
Set or Everyone: I have a set team after a few attempts. Usually people with the same likes and dislikes.
Warrior/Rogue/Mage ratio: 2/1/1
Favorite Game: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening


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