Hello fellow wastelanders, and welcome to the Vault-Tec Workshop Tips Corner. This will be your hub for all content, guides, etc. related to the newest settlement-building DLC for Fallout 4. This is a great space for sharing anything you know or have related to the DLC. If there is any interest, I will also try to expand the discussion to other DLCs, or general settlement building. 

Now I know that feelings towards the settlement building system are mixed or negative on the Vault, but for those few that enjoy it, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what to do, especially when DLCs hit and wonky snaps and building methods arise. 

This discussion will be two parts. General tips from both websites, users, and myself will be bullet point listed below, while videos will be the video linked with a short description under. 

I'll start this off with a select few videos from one of my favorite builders on YouTube, norespawns

Atriums and 1x2 Sized Rooms

  • This 22 minute video covers the usage of Vault-Tec DLC atrium items, their snapping, and how to overcome various difficulties caused by the snaps. It also covers spacing, size of atriums, and how to use the pieces creatively. 


  • This extremely helpful 15 minute video shows how to use lighting, including spacing,, Vault 81 comparisons, and more. This one is a little free-form-y with the structure, but very helpful for inspiration. 

Sealed Vault Exits and Doors

  • This 15 minute video focuses on how to make use of those pesky tunnels by making them Vault exits. It also covers how to make your vault truly underground looking, as opposed to built in a cave. Worth every minute. 

Compact Residential Wing

  • This is him at his most British, so you can probably just mute the video and watch silently. He rambles on about random things for just under 14 minutes while creating a pretty efficient residential area that is worthy of being stolen. 

Another really talented YouTube builder is Oxhorn, who also makes Vault-Tec Workshop videos. 

Lighting (Oxhorn)

  • In this 36 minute video, Oxhorn goes into details on lighting your Vault, including the entryway and how to wire through doors. Much more detailed than norespawns. 

So what have you discovered? Any tips for building, managing space, etc.? Comment down below!

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Hey it's Davey, he makes great videos 

Yeah he really does! Probably gonna add some more videos from my other favorite YouTubers. Just browsing around makes me astonished at how many amazingly creative people there are (and a bit self-conscious too)

Added a new lighting video...


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