With each new DLC release, I've been posting one of these discussions in case there's interest in chatting about them. Here you can find chat discussions for Survival Mode, Far Harbor and Automatron, if interested. 

With Vault-Tec Workshop, we get another mini-quest (but mostly) work shop dlc. I know most people are thoroughly disinterested in more settlement building, but here's your chance to talk about any interesting findings (or gripes) from the latest DLC.

Initial Impressions: (SOME SPOILERS)
I played about 2 hours last night, opening up Vault 88 under the Quincy Quarry, beginning the quest line and clearing some debris to open up the various wings of the Vault. I recommend playing along with the Overseer's quests (as opposed to killing her or making her leave) as you'll get a better feel for the Role Play (experimenting on settlers) and access to a few interesting workshop items (exercise bikes etc). 

The real prize, if you're into building is the Vault itself. It's enormous! I opened up one wing to find myself under a Medical Center miles north of the Vault entrance. 

Danger Lurking:
Be aware when clearing new areas, you'll most certainly encounter underground enemies. Most are no issue but one section had a not so friendly Legendary Matriarchal Deathclaw waiting for me. It was worth the clear and I was able to mine a bunch of nuclear material and limestone. Another section spawned at least 5 radscorpions immediately upon clearing debris. So be ready.

Speaking of which, the workshop menu is now extremely dense. It's actually hard to find anything anymore. Even with the update that shows the logo of each add-on, it took me quite a while to cycle through all of the new building options. Obviously, if you're not into building, skip the DLC altogether.

Roleplay lovers take note:
Okay, other than the huge Vault to play and build in, the real bonus in this DLC is a whole new option of Role Play. Now you can RP as an Overseer and take the Vault and its inhabitants in any direction you choose. Want to make it friendly? Go for it. Feeling Sadistic - make 'em ride the power cycle until they die.

Supply Lines:
If you have a character with access to Local Leader and supply lines already connecting your resources, you can send a Provisioner to Vault 88.  

Character Building:
I'm only a few hours in, but I do feel like there are some interesting options to add to the Character Building arsenal. The Overseer is an obvious one (that I won't be building - so have at it!).

What do you think? Have you tried it? Any interest? 

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Blegh. I have very little interest in this. Watched a couple streams, a few videos, read up on it, and it just seems like most everything in Fallout 4...meh. Odd angles don't allow for perfect vaults, the experiments are kind of boring and staged...

Step it up BethSoft (oh, and buy Obsidian while you're at it). 

Honestly the more DLCs come out the more I hate Bethesda for giving me nothing to work with as a host. 

I'm feeling that pain too. I can pretty much see the writing on the wall. Nuka World will give us a couple more hours of fun, a few unique items and maybe some raiding...which will spawn a handful of new Builds (and revamps).

But then what? 

I mean, I'm buying No Man's Sky and if I like it...well...you know.

I thoroughly enjoyed Far Harbor so I'm reasonably optimistic about Nuka World being good, but at the same time, I doubt it will bring in any more new site content then Far Harbor did. Even if it does, Skyrim Remastered comes out a couple of months after that at which point I imagine most of the Fallout content creators will jump ship anyway.

Yeah, I'm optimistic about Nuka World, but I'm feeling the same thing you are. Far Harbor, the best DLC by far in the game, did almost nothing for this group besides some admittedly great conversations. Nuka World will spawn, say, three-four discussions. Yay. 

I'll be mostly jumping ship too when Skyrim Remastered hits. Not that I'll be abandoning my post, but damn is Skyrim just so much more fun!

Yeah I actually forgot about Skyrim RM...as much as I loved Skyrim I'm not heading back there. But yeah Nuka could be cool. And PCTY - same here. I'm happy to help and helm the CB ship as long as it's viable.

Oh man, No Man's Sky looks so promising. A shame General Gaming Group is dead because I would have so much content for that. 

After bingeing on Fallout 4 for a few months, I've actually started playing The Elder Scrolls Online (on PS4) finally after buying it more than six months ago and not really "getting into it". As a recovering WoW addict it could be a dangerous move.

No Man's Sky (saw that 20 or so minutes of gameplay on IGN) looks very promising.

So, I finished playing through the Vault-Tec DLC last night, and while I haven't done any major building as of yet, I agree with the assessment that this DLC is only for the settlement building enthusiast (which I am not). It was nice that they threw in a questline, and the size of the build space is staggering (I do wish that they expanded ites end. The experiments (which I'm guessing are supposed to be one of the main draws of the DLC) are underwhelming, and from what I understand, actually building a Vault doesn't go as smoothly as one might hope.

In my ideal world, this would've been the one DLC they made to cater to settlement builders (instead of three), Automatron would've been the Hearthfire-esque DLC designed to tide us over, and instead of Contraptions and Wasteland Workshop we would've gotten a pair of DLC on the same level as Far Harbor. Four big DLC and two small (one of which is designed to cater to the settlement builders) seems fair to me and does a far better job of justifying the $50 price tag they bumped the season pass up to.

On the bright side, this will probably be the last disappointing DLC we receive for Fallout 4. On to Nuka World!

I think you're spot on. The experiments were very disappointing. Any hope I had to work some sweet and detailed RP into a new Build was totally wiped out after finishing that part of the DLC. 

Ah well. I do hope we can lead some Raiders on some killer pillaging in Nuka. 

For what's its worth, I do think I might take a crack at the whole Overseer build idea at some point. Not that I'm trying to call dibs on it; someone else is more than welcome to give it a shot, but I think there's still enough there to make the idea workable.

Oh cool. Yeah I think you're right. It's def calling to be built. And you know what they say - if you build it...


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