With each new DLC release, I've been posting one of these discussions in case there's interest in chatting about them. Here you can find chat discussions for Survival Mode, Far Harbor and Automatron, if interested. 

With Vault-Tec Workshop, we get another mini-quest (but mostly) work shop dlc. I know most people are thoroughly disinterested in more settlement building, but here's your chance to talk about any interesting findings (or gripes) from the latest DLC.

Initial Impressions: (SOME SPOILERS)
I played about 2 hours last night, opening up Vault 88 under the Quincy Quarry, beginning the quest line and clearing some debris to open up the various wings of the Vault. I recommend playing along with the Overseer's quests (as opposed to killing her or making her leave) as you'll get a better feel for the Role Play (experimenting on settlers) and access to a few interesting workshop items (exercise bikes etc). 

The real prize, if you're into building is the Vault itself. It's enormous! I opened up one wing to find myself under a Medical Center miles north of the Vault entrance. 

Danger Lurking:
Be aware when clearing new areas, you'll most certainly encounter underground enemies. Most are no issue but one section had a not so friendly Legendary Matriarchal Deathclaw waiting for me. It was worth the clear and I was able to mine a bunch of nuclear material and limestone. Another section spawned at least 5 radscorpions immediately upon clearing debris. So be ready.

Speaking of which, the workshop menu is now extremely dense. It's actually hard to find anything anymore. Even with the update that shows the logo of each add-on, it took me quite a while to cycle through all of the new building options. Obviously, if you're not into building, skip the DLC altogether.

Roleplay lovers take note:
Okay, other than the huge Vault to play and build in, the real bonus in this DLC is a whole new option of Role Play. Now you can RP as an Overseer and take the Vault and its inhabitants in any direction you choose. Want to make it friendly? Go for it. Feeling Sadistic - make 'em ride the power cycle until they die.

Supply Lines:
If you have a character with access to Local Leader and supply lines already connecting your resources, you can send a Provisioner to Vault 88.  

Character Building:
I'm only a few hours in, but I do feel like there are some interesting options to add to the Character Building arsenal. The Overseer is an obvious one (that I won't be building - so have at it!).

What do you think? Have you tried it? Any interest? 

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I haven't downloaded Vault-Tec yet but I have the season pass so I'll probably do that over the weekend and share my opinion.

I've actually been playing Far Cry Primal and forgot about until I saw one of my YouTubers talking about it. I really can't overstate how enormous the Vault is...Not sure if that's good or annoying yet :)

To be honest, after watching quite a few youtube videos on this DLC (got it myself, but not played it yet) I think it is yet another lazy DLC from Bethesda. So lazy in fact that the vault entry animation with your pit-boy doesn't even happen when entering Vault 88. Minor but in my opinion glaring fault!

The scripted dialogue is duplicated on many "choices" you make, and overall the DLC lacks polish and depth. It's yet another settlement building dlc with some "questing" / "story" tacked on probably because of previous criticisms Bethesda received.

All in all I think the Season Pass and associated "DLCs" have been an underwhelming ripoff.

yeah, that dlc isn't that good.

Far Harbor and Automaton are pretty good

Eeeh ripoff may be a bit strong. $29 for all of it (and we don't know what Nuka World will be totally like) seems fair to me. But then again I enjoy all of it including building. I totally understand people's disappointment though. It's all a bit short on story / new narratives etc minus FH.

As noted this DLC is basically another settlement building (aka workshop) add on with a little RP fun on the side.

Far harbour was the only DLC that should have been considered a DLC. The rest should have been "patches" and made core to the game, in my opinion. Especially as a lot of it was already available as mods (except on consoles of course)

In NZ, the season pass was NZ$80 and the game itself NZ$120. That's a significant cost.

Automaton was a pretty good, if a bit short, DLC

If Automatron was twice as long and added something meaningful to the lore, it would've been a great DLC

Well I finished the Vault-Tec "quest" portion of the dlc. It's fairly minimal, mildly entertaining and maybe a little dumb. But you know, judge for yourself.

As I stated in the write up, this is basically another opportunity to build but in a unique & massive setting.

Sigh, well upon further tinkering, I pretty much don't like this at all. Unless you're hard core into wanting to build an expansive Vault (where the population max is still 20), it's just not that cool. The experiments were a let down (IMO) which limits the RP aspect I previously highlighted. 

IDK, I think this one is strictly for hard core builders. Settlement builders. womp womp.

That pop limit is incredibly dumb...


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