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Has anyone messed around with Ghoulish perk in Far Harbor yet? Or explored any of the other radiation based stuff? (e.g. the crusader of Atom perk)

A while back, I posted my Glowing One build with hopes of reviving him once FH released. But honestly, ghoulish never worked like I wanted it to. I don't understand why taking rads would heal your HP,  but still accumulate rads. Kind of annoying and borderline useless. They haven't patched this have they?

One interesting note I found in wikia was a glitch with the Robes of Atom's Devoted where you can become immune to radiation (and they're ballistic weave compliant) so...IDK. 

Just thinking out loud. :)

I think you should incorporate that glitch into the build. Would certainly help. Otherwise with Ghoulish I think you can supplement it with Solar Powered to even things out a but. 

I did use solar helps a little. I do think I'll try the robe glitch out a bit and report back.
Oh wait I can't use the robe glitch - it makes u immune to rads and would negate ghoulish altogether...


Also anything which lowers your radiation level breaks the glitch. Which from what the wiki said, means you can only check your health through your pipboy.

I don't understand why taking rads would heal your HP,  but still accumulate rads

Simple, so you don't become completely immune to the game's biggest environmental hazard. It's the same reason I don't think they'll ever let you play as a ghoul. The Hazmat suit effectively does it while also stopping you from having any defenses, and the trade off with power armour is the need for fusion cores (which isn't much of a trade off). The Mysterious Serum is the closest thing to granting true immunity to rads, the thing is you can only carry one at a time.

Yeah I'm just being whiny haha. With ballistic weave in robes I think that will round out the Glowing one build closer to how I envisioned it. I did use the serum but it's limited so hard to depend on in a build.

That it is, the strength boost from the serum is nice though. It's also mildly amusing to be able to walk around the glowing sea nude and not have to worry about radiation.

Just a little update - I'm roaming around FH with my Glowing One and he indeed does get full health as long as it's sunny. The sun offsets the rads and the rads heal any damage.
Seems useful.

I'm currently running through with a sniper/huntsman character who uses shotguns at short range. Anyways, I've noticed that much like the melee and unarmed sprinting power attacks, bashing while sprinting towards damaged opponent will trigger the auto kill sequence. What I find interesting is that this particular character only has 1 STR, yet it seems as though I was triggering this sequence just as many times as my other character who's entire gameplay was built around gun bashing opponents. Might be worth taking a deeper look into, as it has allowed my character to play more aggressively in CQB; plus there's nothing quite as satisfying as crunching a raider's face in with the butt of my shotgun. 

That's potentially REALLY interesting!!!! I suggest you copy paste this into the thread on the new site and we might be able to get to some exploring...


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