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I just recently got the game, and am considering trying a couple of builds that worked in Skyrim, particularly a favorite, Jacqueline P. Liddell (the daughter of Heath Ledger's Joker and the American McGee Alice.)

In Skyrim, Role Playing her was fun because I could ignore quite a few of the laws of man, and operate via her own insane system.  Her ultimate goal in life was actually to become Mrs. Sheogorath, but she was more than happy (in fact, she was super elated) when she received the Wabbajack from her beloved Sheogorath.

My question is: would she work in Fallout 4, or should I make a more "sane" build?

Roleplaying tips for being a jerk in Fallout 4 (honestly I just thought this was hilarious):

Now THIS is the roleplaying guide we need...

Man, that first one is brutal.  


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