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What's up with the fog on the Island in Far Harbor?

I've poked around a little, but I don't have a lot extra time right now to put together a lore sheet. I think it would make for a very interesting topic. Origin theories? How different types of characters would/should respond? Etc.


Been poking around a lot, and, well, it seems like nobody knows. The Townspeople say that its been around for as long as they can remember, but also attribute it (some of them) to the CoA. 

There are apparently better years and worse years in regards to how much of it there is (one year the entire island was 100% covered), which would suggest that it is not something the CoA did, as they would probably have made sure it was as powerful as possible before using it.

There is a certain area that is worse, which might insinuate that it was some sort of chemical or non-explosive nuclear attack, as there's no crater. Also, the Wiki page for Mount Desert Island states that it was changed "by the Great War", which seems to assert some sort of attack. 

I mean I've been assuming it's just some sort of radiation fallout variant...but I wonder why no one knows for real? And I didn't catch Longfellow's spiel the first time - but to your point he says (in the first walk up to Acadia) that "folks forget" that it's been worse (and better) in some years. 

The other thing is the fog condensers. So Dima's crew helped FH with this technology right? 

So what does he know about it? And why don't we find out more in the story?

Yeah, Dima built the Fog Condensers and powers them too. I wonder if the high rads that people--even the townspeople--get from the fog has some sort of effect on them? 

DiMA's been on the island for years, I think he says over a century at some point, so he may have had the chance to study it in between plotting to destroy everyone else on the island.

The only reason I can think of for us not learning more about the fog is that not knowing what it is exactly adds to how ominous it appears.

Based on the mysterious 50s horror movie vibe Bethesda created, it's likely we are not meant to know.
Looking for more information on Ug-Qualtoth. I did some searching in the Wikis and it's not much, was wondering if someone else had more on this guy. Also more information on the Atom deity and any possible connections to Ug-Qualtoth
Not much info I could find on Ug. Seems pretty obscure especially as he fits in the small category of "Fallout 3 mentioned-only". Will look up the Atom deity shortly and see what I can find.
I enjoy that they add arcane artifacts in their scifi games but I wish the lore was a bit mote expanded


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