I was just thinking it might be nice to have a home for any discarded build ideas.

I'll put a couple of mine down in the comments. Remember, if you use inspiration from the Recycling Bin to make a build and then post it - GIVE CREDIT to the creator of the original idea in  your post. And if you are posting your discarded ideas here, realize they are no longer "yours". That's about it - have fun and get some inspiration!

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ha yeah I honestly think FO4 got more hate on it's RP-killing vibe than it deserves. Like, part of RP is being freakin imaginative...make it up and roll with it ya'll!

I'm winding down my No Man's Sky intensive play and am ready for something new...I was originally going to use an existing character to play Nuka, but maybe I'll start something fresh. We'll see.

I keep falling over when I play FO4 on my PC at the moment - weirdly playing on my consoles without mods freshened it up a bit. Is that when you know you use mods too much? Anyway, lots of ideas that are struggling to make it past the level 20-30 range.

A young person (male or female) who was taken as the last survivor from their settlement after raiders attacked, slaughtering the entire population and keeping our character because they had been taught a great deal about computing and technology by their (now deceased) father and they catch the eye  of the raiders because they have a Pipboy, knowledge of the settlement's computer systems, and are still young enough to be taken as a meek slave. 

Over the years they're taught by the raiders to use a sniper rifle and often take watch, becoming highly a highly competent sharp shooter. This combined with their intellect make them a natural with energy weapons. Their finesse with high-tech weapons comes to the attention of the gunners and an offer is made to purchase them from their current crew. The bargaining gets heated and a fight breaks out, and our character flees into the Wasteland.

They stumble around, trying to stay out of sight of more people who might want to capture them, and end up at the Red Rocket near Sanctuary, where they meet Dogmeat and decide to take him along with them.

The character meets the distraught Codsworth and offers to explore Vault 111 to find out about his family. Once there they discover a log left by one of the parents explaining what happened whilst they were in stasis and begging whoever finds it to look for their son. In this scenario both Nate and Nora are dead - one shot by Kellog, the other asphyxiated by the cryo process shortly after thawing/eaten by radroaches/tripping and bashing their head on the Overseer's desk.

Part of the character personality was that they used to have ethical discussions with their father about robots and advancing AI, with their father enforcing in them a belief that humans had created something so close to life that it was their job to nurture and respect it rather than force it into a life of servitude. This means the character has a natural mistrust of the Institute and probably wouldn't make an ideal BoS candidate. They have an understandable hate towards raiders and gunners and are always happy to help a settlement having problems with these groups. They're generally a good natured person but they've lived in hard conditions with little kindly contact from others, so they're often sarcastic and impatient.

It's just one backstory I came up with and I'd decided on playing it as an int/perception based build using laser rifles with different scopes and the occasional shotgun when they were spotted/ambused.

Guess I'm going to hunt around a bit for more inspiration, wish I could keep focused on a character for a bit longer!

I like the background story. Good job on that.

A lot of people knock the laser rifles. and using them does exclude you from the benefits of the Mr. Sandman perk, due to the fact that they can't be silenced. but my current play through (a VATS Sniper) is running with Righteous Authority as a main weapon, and I got to say, that thing is a beast! I fill my crit meter in four or five shots, and I'm one critical shot killing Super Mutant Butchers at level 30 

Yeah nice back story...really good.

I too have avoided most laser rifles but the RA / Vats stack is really fun. Especially with some high luck.

Yeah I always seem to find myself pulled towards Cambridge early on to grab my RA.

If playing on an XB or PC there are a couple of mods that can add silences to laser weapons, either by adding a silencer effect to the existing attachments or by adding new ones. They were a good find when I was trying to make an undercover Courser character.

My problem with laser rifles is getting the ammo for it. I really wish they'd incorporated the ammo making system that was in New Vegas into this one. Being able to recycle spent microfusion cells was part of what made me love them so much in that game.

About a month ago I had started playing a character, a female, psychojet taking, baseball bat wielding maniac, that, when it was all said and done, ended up looking a lot like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. I ended up ditching the build, as it just didn't play out the way I enjoy playing.

With the new unique Baseball Bat in Nuka World, and the absolutely psychotic way the Pack looks, I could see someone having a lot of fun with it.

That's pretty much exactly the kind of build I think the Pack is asking for.


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