I was just thinking it might be nice to have a home for any discarded build ideas.

I'll put a couple of mine down in the comments. Remember, if you use inspiration from the Recycling Bin to make a build and then post it - GIVE CREDIT to the creator of the original idea in  your post. And if you are posting your discarded ideas here, realize they are no longer "yours". That's about it - have fun and get some inspiration!

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The Homemaker:

Basically a Settlement Builder, she wears a ballistic weave laundered blue dress, minuteman hat and leather arm guards. She has high charisma and utilizes provisioners to connect settlements. Every settlement is cared for and decorated well. I initially made her a rifle-woman. Though, weapon choice is up for interpretation. Heavy RP, collect all of the companions you can and make them live in your house (main settlement on Spectacle Island - or your choice). Also use wasteland whisperer/intimidation type perks. You are doting but not to be messed with. Momma don't play!

Turbo Kid build: An early 20s kid who loves collecting comic books. He uses an assaltron blade and is melee oriented with gunslinger perks to use the salvaged assaltron head(for the glove blast).

I'm not sure how else to take this guy. Bonus points on watching the movie Turbo Kid on Netflix.

HA nice!

I'm def surprised no one has done a similar build. I think it's a great idea and the cryolater has been completely underutilized on the vault.

Doing full playthroughs to test out an underpowered build is what prevents me from trying this out. I'm still trying to get my elements build working well

Side note, you can get the cryolator as soon as you get dogmeat. Just go back to the vault with him and have him "search for good stuff nearby" he'll get it out of the case lol.
Decided I wanted to make this one!


Yeah. The barebones is up on the workshop. Help in anyway please!

Didn't have a name for this one, but he is a former employee of Arcjet Systems, and the person who built the Junk Jet.

the build was to be a high intelligence, low charisma, antisocial nerd with revenge fantasies.

For weapons, I was thinking Railway Rifle, and Junk Jet, combined with homemade explosives (baseball grenades and bottlecap mines). Armor was to be a mix of metal, robot, and trapper. The only companion options would be ADA.

Also, heavy drug use was going to be a focus. Specifically, anything you could craft at a workbench.

I hadn't decided on a faction for main story, but I had ruled out the Railroad. The idea of his beloved machines acting like the humans he fears and despises would be repulsive to him.

That's funny. That's kinda how my Gearhead started out...but I took the power armor route. The Junk Jet is hilarious...although it doesn't hold up in the long game unfortunately. You just can buff it enough and it's too slow. I ended up using the Railway rifle almost exclusively. 

Yeah, I have noticed that I am coming up with great ideas just a little bit after you. I was working on this concept, and fleshing it out, and then you posted the Gearhead.

I also have a build in concept, a psychotic melee character named Anne Archay, and then you posted "the torturer."

Damn you for stealing my ideas before I have them!!

haha sorry dude but you can always put a unique spin on them. I'd like to see new builds even if they're similar...I mean think of Skyrim builds - how many two-handed orcs or alter vampire builds are out there? But each is unique in its own way. 

You could go cannibal/high endurance route with yours and it's suddenly a totally dif special.


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