For those of you that don’t know about this, loot farming is a method of finding the legendary loot that you most want for a particular build. It takes a bit of patience, but often rewards you with exceptional weapons and armor. (eg: I want a Never Ending Double-Barrel Shotgun for my playthrough of Casual Beers’ build, The Vanguard)

The method is quite simple. Just go to an indoor location where you know there is going to be a good number of creatures inside (one of the best is the National Guard Training Yard) and follow the steps:

1: Set the game to the highest difficulty, make sure autosaves are enabled.

2: Quicksave at the entrance.

3: Enter the building and kill all the creatures. An autosave will be generated as soon as you enter the building.

               A: If you did not find the weapon or armor you were looking for, or if there were no legendary creatures, reload the game from the quicksave. The game will randomly regenerate the entire room. (eg. the Legendary Ghoul was carrying a Bloodied Boxing Glove. I reload from the quicksave) Keep trying until you get the item you want.

               B: If you found the weapon that you wanted, but it doesn’t have the legendary effect you want, reload from the latest autosave. The room will be the same, with the same creatures, but the game will randomly regenerate a new prefix for the legendary item. (eg. The Legendary Ghoul was carrying an Enraging Double-Barrel Shotgun, I reload from the autosave) Keep trying until you get the prefix you want.

4: Shoot stuff with your new toy. (eg. My new shotgun never runs out of bullets!)

So, with the “how to,” explanation out of the way, what are some of the better items you have found by loot farming? How about locations, and notes on them?

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Loot farming the Super Duper mart:

It's one of the earliest places you can find, but it can be a little tricky. There are three ghouls that spawn in the middle of the building once you move into the back rooms. in addition, there are a number of ghouls that climb through windows. These creatures are not "locked" on autosave, so if the legendary creature happens to be one of them, the weapon or armor will not lock. It will randomly generate.

This is cool. We should def crowd source some favorite locations. Mine is The National Guard armory with (usually) a legendary ghoul and (always) a Glowing one. Two for one (plus a BOS Combat chest piece at anytime in the game). The security door makes for an easy reload.

I will say, this probable should be in the Hub, not in Building discussions, but honestly the move to the new site is coming and this won't port just leave it here and I'll see about reposting once the new site is live.

What's great about the National Guard Training Yard is that you can farm it twice in one run; quicksaving at each entrance.

eh. I've never loot farmed, don't really care for it, id rather have a unique weapon, like packman's blade then a legendary farmed weapon, it just is more fun. just like in skyeim, id rather use dawn breaker than a dwarves sword enchanted with turn undead and 70 points of fire damage.

The thing is there are a lot of items that you can't buy or craft in the game. If you are trying to build something specific, you could play the whole game without coming across one.

My current playthrough is a build designed off of synergy between the Nerd Rage/High Rads strategy, and Far harbor Legendary armor.

Without loot farming, I have little to no chance of finding all of the pieces I need.

My current Siege Engine build could really use an Explosive Minigun. My roommate found one early on while we were doing our first plays and I have never seen ine. It would be so amazing to have.

I was thinking a unique way to start a build/playthrough might be to set a generic special (like a few points in each stat), then play until you get your FIRST legendary weapon and you HAVE to play with it as your main for the entire game. 

Like some sort of "FATE" build. 

that would be cool, maybe a 4 in all stats?

Something like that. Maybe after I take a break for a while and come back to the game (post Nuka) that would be a fun way to play...

The only problem that I see with that is the legendries that spawn early game are quite limited. You don't start getting decent weapons until about Level 20. The whole game with a Furious Walking Cane, or a Deadeye Pipe Pistol? That could be kind of rough.

I had something weird happen the other night. I was farming at Mass Pike Tunnel. When I entered through the west entrance, the legendary loot wouldn't lock. The legendary Ghoul showed up in the same place, but the item he had was completely different.

As I have had success farming the location in the past, I jumped back to the quicksave, worked my way around to the east entrance, and started over. This time, everything worked as normal. Locked the leather armor, and eventually got my Unyielding prefix.

Isn't this a topic more suited for a "tips and tricks" section rather than "character building"?


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