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The Vanguard, by Casual Beers.

YES! Thanks

Thanks! Basically my idea was to make a more "fluid" combat experience and being able to close the distance quickly to quickly dispatch enemies, a form of blitzkrieg warfare. It's been a very fun time so far, but I'm also very early in the process of testing it. I'm eager to see how it holds up! 

Yeah sounds awesome!

About FO4 builds specifically:

I notice a number of builds recommend a specific Legendary weapon or armor piece, which (in my opinion) relies a bit too heavily on RNG to make the build possible. Would it be better to focus on easily-obtainable Non-Legendaries and scripted Uniques instead of saying something like "Get a Wounding Double-Barreled Shotgun" or "Somehow find a Kneecapper Gatling Laser"? I ask this because of practicality.

I do agree with you. In most of my builds I try to recommend a primary obtainable / known / named weapon and then maybe add in a "hey if you find this legendary weapon effect, that's a bonus".

Farming for legendary weapons can be annoying for sure.

Great, thanks. I know what to do now. Unfortunately, the move is imminent, so posting the WiP now isn't a great idea.
Yeah hold it for sure


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