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So guys, aside from the Confederste Hat (why are there no Union ones?), and a Lever Action rifle, what clothes and weapons work for a Civil War soldier transported to the Wasteland?

Lincoln's Repeater. Sheriff's duster, Paulson's Revolver, Backwater Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, The Dismemberer, Shovel, Fertilizer Shovel.

YAY! Our first helper!

The .32 pistol and wild bill's sidearm as well, but they are low damage.

I'm finding it hard to come up with a reasoning for having a character like a Witcher in NV. Can anyone help?

Bit of a crossover clash Bryn?

Hopefully someone can help but I've not played NV enough to advise you!


I'm also having a hard time choosing equipment. I have katana for the silver sword, a projectile for steel, light or medium armor, and some explosive recipes.... Anyone think they could help with just that?

Lol, well Fallout NV wasn't exactly in the job description when I took this post Bryn...

I still feel obliged to try and help people out by at least replying though...

Someone usually speaks up if you pester enough so keep trying.

Well... It wasn't not in the job description

I just don't know what fits... Witcher's usually wear leather or chainmail, so I need an equivalent...

Nah, it's a nice distraction while we wait it out for the big one...

Can anyone help with an outfit for a steampunk character?

I sent Bridget to checkout your page Chris but she came running back to fetch her petrol and matches. It's ok mate I managed to distract her with some other chores for now but dude......rainbows, really? Sort that shit...

If you're playing on PC then there's great looking steampunk mods, everything you need...

So it depends on your platform?


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