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God, we are dark people, aren't we?

The wife saw me playing, asked me, "why are you picking up the human bones?"


haha uh yeah...don't worry about those naked dead guys in the corner...just decorations...

So I have done a great deal of thinking, including a detailed list of pros and cons of different factions. As I said in my build itself you can make it work a lot of ways, this is really just a reflection of my own personal quest to make that choice.

Essentially what I think it comes down to for me is what nets my character the most amount of power for the smallest loss of power. This might sound odd at first but take for instance destroying the Institute (lots of tech, weapons, synth slaves, etc.) with the Railroad (....intelligence network?). Here you loose a lot of power for little in return, a net loss overall.

After listing things out the Institute and the Minutemen have the best and most pros. A few important ones I thought of were Institute- synths, advanced weapons/tech/chems/RP stuff, relay system for instant RP travel, employer for jobs; and Minutemen- settlement network, options for RP extorting, smuggling, military assets, radio freedom for communication. The others are more one dimensional with pure military (but only temporary as long as they stay) for BOS and some intelligence networking for Railroad.

All that said my only real option between the two (which are the two everyone has advocated) results in going with the Institute. In the end I feel I get the best power gain for least power loss and maximum control with two factions destroyed and the other two under my complete control, thus leaving my King of the Commonwealth with little challengers and giving him the ability to start looking beyond the borders of the Commonwealth....maybe starting with that amusement part to the west.....

(Thanks all for input!!!)

Dude...there's a perk in Nuka World called "Wasteland Warlord" you get for raiding settlements. Not kidding. 

Nice premonition build man. haha

Hmm, interesting. 

I saw that! I am loving the DLC so far and have lots of ideas for updates to this build and the cosmetics behind it! A++ so far Bethesda!

Well after a nightmare of formatting issues with the new site, specifically the bad, buggy editor, and the severely shorter size limit I wrote my update, did new pictures, and turned the whole thing into a series of pictures....not what I wanted to do...but it worked and its up and looks pretty close to how I wanted....thanks all.


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