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Hey, wow really detailed build. great job. One suggestion is just to add more pictures to break up the walls of text. +1

Before I started a new survivor build I was working on a Dr Doom inspired dictator build, similar in a lot of ways to this build. How is the intimidation perk? I never got far enough to try it out
Thanks for the replies guys! Yes I want to get some screenshots tonight to add more and tweet my formatting a little I think it was about 3 am this morning when I finally got this posted.

@Chunk- I am still learning the ins and outs of this perk because it requires such a massively high level to take but so far is amazing in groups. Intimidate one guy, the legendary hopefully and turn him on the guys saves a lot on shots on you and can allow you to just duck back down or around the corner and wait for some damage to build. Alternatively, I have also found it great to just attempt on enemies and when they throw their hands up get a good clear headshot.
That sounds awesome. That's what I used to do with the calm spell in Skyrim, pacify them for the easy kill. I was hoping it would be along those lines. Good stuff!
That is actually a great way to explain it! Level 1 is like a calm spell, level 2 is like a fury spell, and Level 3 essentially adds them as a follower giving you the same control over them as you have over any companion with Wasteland Whisperer working the same way but with animals/monsters.
Bethesda snuck some illusion in after all ;)

It can be kind of hilarious at times, as well. After clearing out Roadside Pines Motel, I pacified the last remaining Psycho, armed with a tire iron, and sent him into the adjacent compound to take on the deathclaw.

You know, I have never considered not joining the Minutemen. That opens up a lot of options for some of the more evil concepts I have running through my head for role playing builds.

Ah the elusive explosive assault rifle...I know this search well :)

All in all a pretty nice first build bud. As Ajani mentioned, some sweet screen grabs or other pictures I think would really tighten up the presentation. It's hard for most people to commit to reading a lot of text when it's all bunched together. 

I do appreciate the evil raider vibe. The spiked and/or buttressed raider armor is a true aesthetic gem, so I'm glad to see a home for it here. Did you use Raider Power Armor? I've always loved the helmet on that set anyway. 

Let us know if you want some help with artwork or pictures. I could even do a screenshot or two with an older character of mine who has the right look if you want.

Also - I'm going to fix your tags :)

Thanks! Any artwork anyone wants to suggest or send would be amazing and very helpful! I'll see what I can get together tonight after work and tighten up the look like you said.

As far as raider power armor I did not on my play through but that is honestly because I was just so in love with my buttressed raider armor I didn't do it. However, you could very easily pick it up early and start in on Nuclear Physicist to help in the mid tier levels.

Thanks again to everyone for all the comments!

Ladies and Gentlemen we have pictures!

This is fantastic! I was actually considering a similar build but with one notable difference:

Use your position as General of the Minutemen to use their image to bring more people into the fold of your power and influence but don’t cover your settlements in blue flags and run around singing the praise of their cause. They are a tool to you and nothing more.

That was essentially going to be my character. He become General of the Minutemen but only pay lip service to their ideals, preferring instead to use them as his own personal army. He would destroy the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel with them and then go destroy the Railroad personally (who would be hostile to him because he obviously wouldn't issue the evacuation order during The Nuclear Option). On top of that, he would destroy any other major threats to his power, such as Raider or Gunner bases of operation, so by endgame he would be in control of the Commonwealth, with nothing anywhere close to being strong enough to stop his army of Minutemen.


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