Hello all, I had an idea of using a ninja style build with heavy utilization of grenades and other explosives, after an obscene amount of radiation due to a long watery walk in my power armor for my main play through.  I also had a flash of an old Chuck Norris movie clip, with him coming up out of the water like a bad ass.  

Special Book:
I suggest dropping this into Agility, to give you access to the ninja perk early.

All of these are useful, but the Perception, and Strength Bobbleheads are pretty much required, and can be acquired very early.  

Born in Boston to a family of military men, he followed in their footsteps joining the marines as he believed it was the best way to provide for his young wife, so she could finish her law degree.  During training he was at the top of his class in utilizing explosives, and small arms fire but didn't seem to be able to pilot power armor worth a damn, so he was placed in a recon unit where the armor wasn't very useful.

On his first deployment he and the rest of his unit became separated during an ambush, while they were captured he escaped notice and eventually was able to track down and rescue the entire unit through clever stealth kills, and some scratch built land mines he placed in front of the enemy barracks worked well once he tossed a grenade into the enemies command & control building.   

After this amazing performance he served for a number of years, honing his talents before finally able to come back home and see his young son, and spend some time with his wife. Unfortunately he is forced into a new life or death mission shortly...

Big Leagues x 3
Armorer x 4
Locksmith x 3
Demolition Expert x 4
Aqua Boy x 2
Lone Wanderer x 4
Sneak x 5
Mister Sandman x 3
Action Boy x 3
Ninja x 3
Scrounger x 3
Idiot Savant x 3

Late Game Perks: These require highly raised stats so are late game likely 46+.
Blitz x 2
Better Criticals x 3
Critical Banker x 4
Grim Reaper's Sprint x 3
Four Leaf Clover x 4

Perk Options: These are handy but not required for the build.
Night Person x 3: This mainly is useful since your going to be better at night anyway due to stealth.  
Gun Nut x 4: This isn't necessary but can be helpful.  
Gun Slinger/Commando: These can provide some more variable combat tricks and with your agility already being high could lead you up to Gun Fu.  
Medic x 4: Not necessary but some of the legendary armor pieces can use auto-stim packs on you and you did have basic medical training in the military.

Gear: I have made 2 sections for this, with one on appearance and the other based on stats.

Appearance: Marine Wet-Suit with Assault Helmet, Assaultron Blade or Pickman's Blade.
-Warning this is going to be hard mode, due to your REALLY low armor rating but looks it great.

Stats: Your choice of Muffled or Shadowed armor with the Ultra Light Weight mod, with General Chao's Revenge, or Pickman's Blade.  I highly suggest leather armor until you get combat armor with these mods.  In this case I put on the Sentry Armor Helmet from the Automatron DLC due to looks.  

Grenades & Mines: I use whatever I have at the moment, but it should be noted that you might want to learn the crafting system, and have some Brahmin in your settlement of choice due to the Fertilizer requirements for making them.  

Firearms: Deliverer, or some other silenced pistol but the deliverer comes with a silencer...however if you can find a pistol with the Explosive legendary tag, toss a fully automatic receiver on it, and a silencer and proceed to violate anyone even when the sneak game isn't working for you.

 Minutemen, or The Railroad as both seem like the good guys while the racism inherent with the Brotherhood of Steel is a problem, and the Institute isn't trustworthy but you might follow them for personal reasons.  

Followers: None, you are better by yourself due to Lone Wanderer, although early on keeping Dogmeat with you is acceptable.  

Settlement: I set up in Red Rocket, as I really like the area and it's a lot safer than some others, oh and I hate Marcy!!!  I would point out Red Rocket isn't very good for Brahmin though due to pathing issues so you might want to fence them off once you get them.  

Bobbleheads: As noted earlier, the Perception, and Strength Bobblehead are useful, and the Agility Bobblehead can save you a level of Agility training.  

Game Play:
This character usually tries to sneak up on camps of enemies, dropping some mines in front of their door, then backs away before tossing a grenade in the window.  If he finds solo targets, he will use a stealth + blitz attack and kill them quickly and efficiently.  When outnumbered near water, he will try to dive in to get some breathing room and then wait while they can't see find him, and then come back for a quick ambush.  

Oh and yes, you can toss grenades at people and then shoot the grenade with vats for some high damage.  If your having trouble with some extreme threat like a Behemoth a couple Nuka Grenades will always do the trick with 600 damage.  

Useful Links:
Pickman's Blade

Deliverer Pistol

Nuka Grenade

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I really like the concept of this build, especially your well explained approach to stealth combined with explosives - don't see a whole lot of mine tactics and it's so delicious when you set it up right. And I like that Aquaboy was included! It was probably feeling pretty rejected and alone.

I have a couple of questions if you don't mind?

1) Have you experimented with unarmed at all? I've been thinking about trying it out in a similar build, because I always have Dogmeat with me and whenever I take Big Leagues he ends up crying on the floor because my backswing smacked him upside the head.

2) In your stats section I was surprised you didn't mention using the Weighted mod on the arms - I'm guessing that's due to "everyone knows this by now" rather than oversight though.

But yeah, nice work, thanks for sharing


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