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From the Journal of Dranos Velador, Field Captain of the Silken Ring:

At long last, I've found it. I've found the Cradle of Shadows.

It was well hidden to be sure. The exterior is naught but a pile of overturned masonry, covered in lichens and old cypress roots. The Imperials took great pains to conceal it, but an assassin's eye misses very little.

The structure itself is unremarkable—a simple stone bastion, assembled in the tedious Colovian style. But you need only scratch the surface to find the truth of this place. Quiet horror hangs over the Cradle like a shroud. Mephala's servants lurk in every dark corner, just out of sight but always watching. Waiting. I've never felt more at home.

Mephala's presence only grows stronger as you descend. The fort's bleak stone walls give way to great caverns, where shadows dance like mad scamps and massive spider-webs glisten in the torchlight. Mephala's servants, the Spiderkith, stalk these chambers, whispering dark secrets to one another in a tongue no mortal understands. But this is still a pale reflection of what's to come.

Beyond the caves, the very fabric of reality begins to fray. Somehow Mephala's dark realm, the Spiral Skein, has claimed this place. Its inky tendrils stretch out in every direction, seducing pilgrims and prey alike--claiming them with a cold, chitinous embrace. This is what drove the Imperials to destroy the fort. They found this nexus and sought to hide it from the world. Shortsighted fools, the lot of them. How could someone turn their back on this sublime darkness?

After walking these gloomy hallways for a week or more, I feel the weight of it—the horror, I mean. It's as if all this dark beauty could collapse in on itself at any moment. Someone is holding open the nexus by will alone. I hear her in my dreams, urging me deeper and deeper into the Cradle, promising me glory, passion, and terror. Her name is Velidreth, the Lady of Lace. In time, I shall become her servant, and together we will bring this world to heel. All will fear Mephala. All will love Mephala. All will worship Mephala.

Our grim work begins here, in the Cradle of Shadows.

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On the surface, it does seem overt. However, this could be the summary of what has happened over the course of months/years. I know in other quests, Spider Daedra (I'm not sure if the Lady is one - perhaps a new/corrupted form?) are often referred to as "whisperers" who whisper (obviously) into the minds of their victims, slowly enthralling them into servitude. That could be what has taken place. 

This connection to Mephala intrigues me.

The prospect of passion with the Lady of Lace is a revolting yet utterly bewitching thought.

I pictured a middle-aged Dunmer woman with smoldering eyes and bone-white hair. Tattoos speaking of death and the void inked in blood inked across her flesh, all encased in black silk lingerie spun from demon webs. She bears the scars of childbirth, and those who lie with her lose more than their seed after a night's passion.

Definitely sounds like my conception (no pun intended ) of the Night Mother.

Somehow Mephala's dark realm, the Spiral Skein, has claimed this place. Its inky tendrils stretch out in every direction, seducing pilgrims and prey alike--claiming them with a cold, chitinous embrace.

I can't wait to see this nexus between Nirn and the Spiral Skein!

Vivec running the Dark Brotherhood is like Tyrion being a secret Targaryen; I can see why people think this, but I think it's terrible storytelling if it was true.

I'll agree that Vivec certainly usurped Mephala's place in the hearts of the Morag Tong, which is why I think she started the Dark Brotherhood.

Though I'm deeply troubled that Mephala is so forward and overt in this. What's the point of being the Daedra who hides in the shadows and manipulates mortals without them knowing it? Sounds like simplistic storytelling to me. Like if Herma-Mora started passing out library passes to everyone and setting public hours for Apocrypha. This isn't what he's about.

I'm not sure it's as overt as you think. Remember, this is the perspective from one person who was enthralled. Nothing is ever as cut-and-dried it seems on the surface.

I'll play it as soon as I can for more info.

Yeah, it is a bit forward of her but you could argue that she is taking advantage of the Covenant being broken but I doing so in her style. This isn't a huge dark anchor coming down or Oblivion Gates opening everywhere, rather she has gone for a crack for her follows to probe, a dark hole for her faithful to explore and enter into


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