Looking to organize some other Blog members to tackle a difficult dungeon? Some world bosses? A war party or some duels in Cyrodiil?  Some roleplay or even just a hangout? Post your notice here with your platform and faction.

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I think I've got a Sorcerer in the Dominion in the mid-20s. Seeing as we're in the same time zone we might be able to play together, maybe do some dungeons some time. I'll patch up my game and try and add you over the weekend!

Tag: snowgirl223

I have low lvl toons in all 3 alliances...my main is in AD

Sometime today, I will be updating the noticeboard. I will also be sending out a group-wide message to see if our existing players wish to remain on the noticeboard. 

Side note: I seem to be the only player on X1 NA (from the Vault, that is).  Such a lonely existence.  I might have to roll a character on the EU server.

Anyone on xbone wanna play pvp?
Gamertag:RogueSilver x
Server: NA

PvP is awesome. What did you have in mind? What build are you running?

Xbox 1: ShyGuyWolf

1. is in the Daggerfall

2 and 3 are in the Ebonheart

I want my Daggerfall Orc to become a Werewolf for Hircine's sake

anyone willing to help me out?


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