Looking to organize some other Blog members to tackle a difficult dungeon? Some world bosses? A war party or some duels in Cyrodiil?  Some roleplay or even just a hangout? Post your notice here with your platform and faction.

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looking for a group of vampires to turn me and to adventure with

username : ksart-arryn

PC Ebonheart Pact

Anybody want to help me try the first Undaunted dungeon in Daggerfall? 

What faction/platform/level Veloth?

Daggerfall Covenant, PS4, level 15.

Hey i have really been wanting to get into ESO but i have been finding it quite difficult as MMOS have never interested me. I myself have never done a group or party stuff and i figured since its an MMO i probably should get a group together.
I am in the NA megaserver PC Ebonheart pact Dunmer Sorcerer i would prefer voiced communication though not skype (I dont use skype).

any europe xbox ?

I think Phil is on the X1 EU server.

X1, NA
GT: PatriarchaLex

Anyone looking to group up, let me know! For the new players, I'd be willing to roll a new character to help you level. I could even roll a character on the EU server if it will help anyone.

X1, EU

Tag: Rusted Cage

Not known for my social graces.

PC - Either server, although I have yet to test the speed of the connection for EU and will also have to start from scratch on said server.

Username: GoldenJester ('twas as close as I could get )

Mainly just hoping for someone to play the game with.

What levels/factions are your characters? Depending on what times you're available I might take you up on that.

Not very high.

The first is a level 28 Orc Sorcerer in the Daggerfall Covenant and the second is a level 19 Bosmer Templar in the Dominion. I'm generally free most times although I have seminars at noon on a Monday and 6pm onwards of a Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday at 8am once a fortnight and then a class on Friday's at 10am, all AEST.


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