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I am trying out a new mage named Belboz of Accardi (kudos if you actually know the reference.)

However, before I get him involved in the Mage's Guild, I'd like to work on:

Woodworking, so he has some good staffs

Clothing, so he has a good outfit

Alchemy, so he can last longer

Enchanting, to add to his meager clothing

I am currently working on his Clothing skill, and I have decided to start sort of at the bottom: Homespun clothes (a full set.)

However, I need Jute to craft the Homespun clothing set.

Where in Mundus do I look to find it.  I'd prefer a supply that is there and hasn't been scavenged by everyone else.

What console and faction are you in? There's plenty around in most starting areas and I could trade you some if you're on PS4

Well, there are these random stones (can't remember their name) that have a light in the middle and once you interact with it you get a random enchantment.

That's actually untrue, runes do not give you enchantments, they give you runes - Which you use to THEN create an enchantment.

Ah, I was always confused on how to enchant with them XD

You need to have three of each shape and then head to the enchanting table. You can put them in different combos and then extract the enchanting signils

Ok, thanks

Hello Everyone! Im getting PS4 in a month or two and am getting ESO and just wanted to know some tips for a beginner. Im planning on Either playing a Assassin or a Necromancer for my first time but either way Im new. Any tips at all will be appreciated.

Something you should know, you cannot be a necromancer (yet, at least), there is no necromancy skills available yet, but you could be a daedric summoner if you still want a petmaster type class, using the Sorcerer class.

You can sort of be an assassin, although the sneak skill isn't present, there are still sneak bonuses available to Bosmer, Khajiit, Medium armor users, and the Legerdemain(thief) skill. Nightblade is probably the best class for a stealthy character, they have great passives for that style.

Also, light armor is now called medium for some reason, and robes are called light armor. Light armor for magicka, Medium for stamina, and Heavy for health.

There is no necromancy in the game that you can use, but there is a Summoning skill line. For the Summoning skill line, you would need to choose the Sorcerer class.

For an assassin, you can't go wrong with the Nightblade class. The Nightblade class has great passive skills for assassins, as well as Invisibility, a fear spell, etc.

Hope I helped

Pretty much everyone else summed it up. I am playing a summoner/healer myself  Be sure to grab the Clanfear Ultimate as it is much more superior to the Scamp upgrade IMO

Wait... So there only sneak bonuses. Okay but Im seeing this alot. Races. So I have to play a certain race to play effectively? Im planning on being a Redguard. So will I be a bad Sneak because of race or no? BTW Thanks, All of that was very helpful. 


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