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Since ESO is still relatively new and ideas are popping up left and right, this is a good place for you to get your ideas out there. It seems as though everyone is dying to talk about their builds, and this is the place to do it. This discussion will serve as a place for anyone to come and talk about build ideas. Whether it be trying to collaborate on an idea, asking for second opinions and advice on builds or asking for help to create a build.

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I don't have the game yet (I did play in the beta though) but one of my mates does and I was talking with him about character stuff the other day. Worked out this crazy PvP mage hunter sort of build as a Templar using Heavy Armor and Weapon and Shield. It's basically all about getting all up in their faces and using their own DPS against them. Both Templar (in Aedric Spear) and Weapon and Shield have charge moves which interrupt casting and stun targets respectively. They also both have a reflect-next-spell ability. Using these 4 abilities in combination with a basic self-heal makes for a super mobile character that can constantly reflect spells and heal themselves.

The best part is while having two charges and two reflects on your hotbar might seem like a bit of a waste, you've got the ability to do either of them with Stamina or Magicka, so you'll rarely be out of options.

I wish I had more PvP experience so I could really critique the idea because from my standpoint that sounds very solid. Too solid. You don't think you will feel limited with just those abilities? While it is nice, I can picture it becoming dry very quickly.

PvP is slighted away from being able to stun-lock. Spells and Feats that cause stun or knockback have an increased cost during PvP. One skill I have I could normally cast 4-5 times before running out of Magicka, however when I went to Cyrodiil I could only cast it twice.

Something I realized playing my sorcerer today-

The Overload ultimate (Storm Calling one, replaces your normal attacks with force lightning) actually counts as another weapon set of sorts with its own hotbar. This way at level 15+ you've effectively got 3 hotbars. Since you don't actually lose any Ultimate unless you start using your basic attacks with Overload active, it's a nice way to fit in a few more situational abilities (Soul Trap or Blood Altar for example).

On a slightly related note activating Overload and immediately deactivating it triggers the set passive from the Shrouded armor set (level 20ish, restore ~130 health whenever you activate an ultimate, 15s cooldown). Adds a handy little bit of survivability.

I noticed that, too. But I'm almost sure that will be getting patched soon. It is interesting though.

Also, that's a good find on the set idea. Also, I think they start dropping in loot around level 20, but all sets got all the way up to Veteran Rank 10.

I noticed this again yesterday while playing on my Storm Aegis (almost level 40!) and I still had skills that I hadn't used in forever slotted on this third bar.

high im running a witch hunter build myself and was wondering what kinda skills i should get for solo and group  battles i use a bow light and medium armor and am a sorc class right now i have skills that are meant to keep ranged enemies from firing and stop melee enemies from getting close while still doing relatively major damage 

oh and i am a khajiit

I just recently started fiddling around with a build similar to this. I actually respec'd my Storm Aegis into this, essentially. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn't really try to optimize your character until later levels, since respec and restat are resources that are always available to you. The core of my build is this:

Breton (Optimally Altmer for racial passives) Sorcerer

I have yet to optimize my attribute points so I can't comment on that aside from the fact that 39/10/0 doesn't feel like to correct stat split, as you can enchant your infused pieces (see below) to reach the soft cap for both magicka and health.

Medium chest and legs, Light for the rest. Infused on you 3 big pieces (Hat, Chest, Legs) for the better infused bonus (vs "small" pieces which get a smaller bonus) and Divines on the rest. My weapons both have the Precise trait. The enchants should be arranged with yoru attribute points to get both your Health and Magicka to the soft cap for your level. The weapons I chose were Bow and Restoration Staff. Bow because it has a great heavy attack that charges faster than staves as well as Magnum Shot, though there is debate that with the Streak morph of Bolt Escape, it's not needed. At the lower levels it's gold though. I'm using Restoration Staff because of the hidden bonus that it grants, where whenever your complete a heavy attack with a Restoration Staff equipped, you gain 10% of you maximum Magicka back. Optionally you can opt for Inferno Staff, for the bonus fire damage against Vampires in PvP. My set pieces include a 5 piece set of Seducer and a 3 piece set of Willow's Path. My jewelry slots are taken up by a necklace and two rings of the Warlock from the Vestments of the Warlock dropped set.

The skills I'm currently set on using are:

Inner Light (Mage Light) on both of my bars;
Crystal Fragments (Crystal Shard) on both bars;
Endless Fury (Mage's Fury) on both;
Dark Conversion (Dark Exchange) on Resto;
Either Ward Ally (Steadfast Ward) or either morph of Blessing of Restoration depending on the situation;
Either Steak (Bolt Escape) or Magnum Shot (Scatter Shot) on your bow bar;
Immovable from the Heavy Armor skill line is one of the most amazing PvP skills ever, and should probably have a place on both bars, but there just aren't enough slots, and if you're not doing PvP you should probably have Hardened Ward (Conjured Ward) slotted;
As for ultimates, I've been using Soul Assault (Soul Strike) and Summon Charged Atronach (Summon Storm Atronach) for bow and resto respectively.

Granted, there are a ton more useful skills in this class, such as Critical Surge (Surge) which allows your critical strike to heal you a certain amount of damage, and if you plan on going Inferno Staff you should consider Elemental Ring (Impulse) or Crushing Shock (Force Shock).

I'm still debating between The Apprentice stone for more spell penetration or The Thief stone for higher crit chance.

The current rotation is to spam Endless Fury until your hands glow (indicating you've got an instant cast Crystal Fragments ready), pop your Crystal Fragments, use Magnum Shot/Streak as needed to keep an adequate range.

Edit: Wow, I didn't plan on this post being that long. xD Also, sorry it took a few days to get back to you. Hopefully this answers all your questions.

I don't know if this is the place but I'm planning on getting ESO for PS4 soon and wanted to know. Can you be a spellsword in the game? And How? ( like classes, role and perks etc.)

Ok so here is my thought so far for my first ever build to run through ESO:



Boon: Ritual

Armor: 7 Heavy

Weapon: Two-handed (Greatsword)

Class: Nightblade

So, for all the abilities that heal... What I need to know is with all the perks from Argonian, Heavy Armor, Siphoning and "The Ritual Boon", How much extra healing would I receive from the abilities like Swallow Soul, Killer's Blade, Leeching Strikes and Invigorating Drain? Is this a great build idea? I have been wrestling with this idea for quite some time and trying to find out info.

Oh, and each armor piece has the Divine Trait. Forgot to add that.

So I'll say this from what I've played so far it feels as though your builds options are nearly as limitless as all previous games just takes some out of the box thinking. It would be interesting to see an ancestors event incorporating some of the skyrim cb groups more popular builds into ESO, obviously with permission from the original poster.


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