This announcement is two days late. RL had taken hold of me, but I've managed to wrestle out of its cold, deathly embrace. Okay, now that I have your attention, check out the following announcement:

Dark Anchors Aweigh! The struggle against the forces of Coldharbour has caused a “Planemeld Palpitation" that is skewing the odds and outcomes of events in and around the Imperial City! Time folds, reality shivers, and opportunities that have passed are available again. But this warp event won't last, so act now, and grab your chance while you can!

The Imperial City DLC game pack was originally released on August 31, 2015, and we're celebrating next week with a one-time special event. We're kicking off the festivities on Monday, August 29 at 10:00am EDT on all platforms with the following:

  • We've doubled the drop rate on the following Imperial City items:
    • The Stonefire Scamp pet
    • Soul-Shriven Skin
    • Tel Var Stones
  • A new Imperial City Collector's Bundle will be added to the store for the duration of the event, and includes:
    • The Imperial City DLC Pack
    • The Mind Shriven Horse and the Mind Shriven Skin (both of which have been unavailable in the Crown Store for almost a year)
    • The Daedrat pet, originally released alongside Imperial City
    • Five Crown Experience Scrolls
  • The Imperial City DLC Pack will be on sale in the Crown Store for 50% off

Now is the best time to gather those precious Tel Var Stones, or try to obtain the rarest rewards from Molag Bal! If you're new to Imperial City, or just need a refresher, be sure to check out our guides on Imperial City and Tel Var Stones.

This event will conclude on Tuesday, September 6 at 10:00am EDT, so hop in while you can. See you in Imperial City!

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In case you don't know, Tel Var stones are small magically-infused fragments of the White Gold Tower that chipped off when Molag Bal grabbed the Tower with his Dark Anchor. Tel Vars can be used as currency only within the Imperial City ("IC") by certain merchants who sell powerful items that cannot be crafted or bought from any other vendor in Tamriel.

BE WARNED: IC and the IC Sewers are mixed PvE and PvP zones, meaning that while you quest throughout the city, you run the risk of encountering a player from another alliance, a.ka., your mortal enemy. When you kill an enemy player, you take 80% of the Tel Vars that he/she is carrying. To put this into perspective, last night, my Nightblade acquired almost 5k Tel Var stones from ganking (surprise attacking) inattentive players and Daedra. It's an extremely high risk, high reward play-through. I find a certain thrill in sneaking around IC, having to be looking over my shoulder for enemy players and for the Daedra who have taken control of the city. Anyone can memorize and predict scripted NPC and Boss actions and mechanics. You can't predict the actions of real human players. I find that this type of play-through makes me a better player overall. I am forced to adapt my playstyle and overcome unpredictable and changing scenarios.

If you are hesitant to venture into IC, I have two suggestions: (1) Find a group and tag along. Most groups don't care if you tag along even when you are not officially part of the group or can communicate with them. There's safety in numbers. (2) Before entering Cyrodiil, look over the various campaign populations. Enter a campaign that is dominated by your alliance. Your chances of fighting other players will be practically nonexistent.

Enjoy!! If you're on X1 and you quest through IC in Blackwater Blade for the Daggerfall Covenant (my Nightblade's campaign) or Scourge for the Aldmeri Dominion (my Dragonknight's campaign), hit me up. I'll show you the ropes and we'll quest around together. 

One more thing. If you've been playing for a while or have been Google-ing build ideas, you've probably heard about Endurance, Agility, and Willpower items. These extremely valuable items are unbelievably expensive to buy in the open trader market. You can, however, aquire them in IC. The Daedra you kill will drop items called Bloody Claws, Monsterous Teeth, Bone Shards, and Dark Ether. When you get 60 of any type, you can gain access to trophy vaults scattered throughout IC. These trophy vaults contain items in the Endurance, Agility, and Willpower sets.

Happy hunting.

Still didn't dare to venture to either IC or Sewers...maybe I should find some courage then.

It's actually quite the rush. Just sneak around as much as you can. Size up a Daedra before attacking - as you know, pointing your crosshairs at an enemy will reveal it's overall health. Use that (and the number of mobs) as a guide.

What level would you recommend? Also, I have two 30 level characters but still didn´t find the courage to do some PVP. What level would you recommend for that?

Blackwater Blade campaign is for characters who are less than level 50. My Nightblade is a "ninja in training" (as I like to call it) who is level 36. He's been in PvP ever since level 30. I just sneak around and gank people from stealth. For stand-up fighters, follow large crowds for safety purposes.

Honestly, PvP is a skill like any other. You have to practice. After a while, it becomes second nature. 

Practice dodge rolling. It will save your life. :)

Alright, I will practice dodge rolling in my living room. Don't want to lose my life xD

Ugh, Patriarch, why do you keep having to post things that make me want to get ESO? This one might be the tipping point once I hit the weekend...

Haha. Well, if this is the tipping point, just be aware that the event ends on Tuesday AM. IC will always be there, though. It may not be as crowded, but it's still pretty cool.

While I was sneaking around yesterday, I was hit by nostalgia from playing Oblivion. So much of the city is ruined by Daedric invasion, but you can still sneak around the districts, which look so much like I remembered from Oblivion. When I was in the sewers, I thought, "In about 1000yrs, I'll watch the Emperor get assassinated here." It was a really cool feeling. 


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