This group is made for creative ESO players who wish to share new and unique ways to play The Elder Scrolls: Online. Be you a "power-player", or a "role-player", you are welcome here.

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ESO Character Building is the newest addition to The Skyrim Blog.

The purpose of this group is to create Character Builds which will provide the player with new and unique ways to play The Elder Scrolls: Online. 

Since this group is new, you can expect many changes to come over the next few weeks/months. As the game changes, so will this group!

Before posting anything, please check out our Rules Page.

ESO Character Building Think Tank

If you just want to talk about build ideas, need help or want to help out others with their builds, this is the place to come.

If you want to share some of the neat combos/tricks you've discovered, share them in the Tips and Tricks threads - there's one for each class.

Nightblade | Dragonknight | Sorcerer | Templar

Guides and Example Build

Coming Soon.

Tagging Guide
Ready to post your build, but not sure how to tag it? This page is for you!

Not sure what you want to play, or are looking for ideas? The archives are the place to be!

Official Guild - The Infinite Dawn
Join Ponty, Vileo, Dragon and other ESO CB members in-game to discuss building in this social guild.


  • The ESO CB Research Compendium - Need to research a trait? Here's a database of some of our members' research! Contact them in-game to get it.
  • UESP - While information is still coming together within the game, this is a good, reliable resource for information such as skills and other worldly things.
  • ESOHead - This is an excellent ESO resource, with data on all the skills and morphs as well as a skill calculator and crafting simulator.
  • ESO-Fashion - A great database of armor and weapon information. Helps you refine the look of your character without costing you materials.

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