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This is a page for a few different purposes:

1) Asking questions about the group.

2) Asking small game-related questions that don't require a new discussion.

3) Asking for character building or modding help. This can include attempting to get people to work with you for your mod or build, asking if something is lore-friendly, or suggesting builds or mods for others to make. (Note- this does not necessarily mean that your mod or build idea will be created; it just means that people now know about it)

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Hello, all! I have gotten Oblivion up and running on my computer, and have a few questions for my upcoming build. First of all, what residence do you all think a benevolent vampire should live in? I know that Deepscorn would be the obvious choice, but seems too evil to accommodate such a good-hearted fellow. Also, what are some cool names for on-touch spells (with alliteration- such as "Paralyzing Palm", "Flaming Fist" (Baldur's Gate reference), and "Charming Chop")?

So I have started a wrongly imprisoned noble character in Oblivion, and I was wondering what weapon he would wear. I had Fine Steel or Silver sortswords in mind, but I just wanted another opinion on the matter. If it is important, he is a Nord but behaves more like the Colovian/Imperial nobles. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I suggest playing a noble similarly to a bardic playthrough, but without music. Wear clothing/very light armor appropriate to his place of origin or kingdom, wield a decorative sword or an expensive one, and minimize magic (unless magic is a primary function of your character's backstory). Feel free to reply or PM me if you need anything further.

Hello, everyone.

I've been able to get Arena and Daggerfall running on my computer ( Yay for me!) , but my questions are about Daggerfall.

I received a quest to capture a rogue ranger in a dungeon called the Hole of Balul, but I can't find the entrance to the dungeon after fast traveling to it. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, I met with Lady Brisenna, and she told me to speak with the rulers of Daggerfall, so I gain audience with the royalty, but the King tells me to screw off, and the Queen doesn't say anything to me. 

If someone could help me with these problems, I would be grateful.

Remember to get DaggetfallSetupEN instead of the Elder Scrolls website copy,as it fixes all of the game's bugs. You say that you can't find the entrance to the Hole of Balul after fast traveling to it. This is likely a glitch, as I seem to remember facing the entrance to every dungeon I came across. Try walking in a straight line after arriving at the dungeon. If this works, yay! Otherwise, just abandon the quest.

Try speaking to other nobility first. That worked for me.
Definitely here. The other group is only for Skyrim.

I've got some RP related questions for Oblivion, if it's alright to ask them here.

1. Numero uno reason I've been having difficulty getting into Oblivion; faces. They're terrible, slider's are a pain in my butt, and I find it incredibly difficult to find a face I don't despise. Suggestions, hints, tips?

2. Sleeping. I hear it's best to wait a bit to get the biggest bang for your buck leveling. So, do I just wait?

5. Magic. Does it get better? It feels incredibly clunky, especially ranged attacks.


I have just started a Morrowind playthrough. It's got a steep difficulty curve even for a Skyrim and Oblivion veteran. I started as a mage but ran out of magicka in baby's first cave, couldn't find a trader who sold potions and found it a struggle.

So I fell back on an Imperial Knight character and am getting stuck into the Fighter's Guild. I also joined the Imperial Cult and was told by an npc in Balmora that I could advance enough to be knighted. My question is, what do I need to do for the Imperial Cult for this to happen?

I can't remember specifics but each guild required a decent amount of quests to be fulfilled, each guild was structured similarly and you recieved your quests from each member of the hierarchy as you progressed.

Morrowind does have a steed learning curve, its the dice roll function that people find it hard to adapt to i think.

No kidding -  kept pulling the left trigger to block! Also, I've played for about 5 hours, am journeyman of the FG and still haven't levelled up. This is going to be a long game,

Thanks for the mission info. I got confused when I was talking to the Priest who recruited me as to what I needed to do. He said something about wearing robes and using a mace to a guy wearing a full suit of iron armour - go figure.

Hey Phil, Billy Mays here!  I haven't played Morrowind in a long while, so this is just me guessing.  If the npc meant advancing in rank, it would involve raising three favored skills by a certain number and meeting the minimum required attribute levels.  Was there any mention of Moonmoth Legion Fort by chance?

Thanks Bill


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