The Honorable Nord

Background: Thronde grew up in Bruma, where both his parents were guards in the city. He came of age and decided to join the imperial legion, where he was later shipped to Castle Ebonheart to continue as a guard. He is known among the Legion for being a brave and honorable man, as well as a bit promiscuous. He heavily worships Zenithar, but is also free-thinking and open, having no issues with the Daedra or those who follow them, though he himself does not worship them. He would later become infected with vampirism and join clan Quarra

Personality: Serious, yet charming. Tough, yet light-hearted. Thronde is a gentle Nord who cares for all people and wishes to see peace brought to the world. He only kills to defend himself, and those whom he views as evil, such as Necromancers.

Race: Nord

Name: Thronde the Serpent-Tongue

Class: Honorable Nord (Custom)

Specialization: Combat

Sign: The Lady

Attributes: Strength, Endurance

Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Blunt, Athletics, Block, Axe

Minor: Acrobatics, Medium Armour, Speechcraft, Merchantile, Hand-to-Hand

Factions: Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult, House Redoran, Quarra Vampire Clan

Gameplay: Try to make your hand-to-hand, blunt, and axe levels close to eachother, train all 3. Meanwhile, wear a mix of both heavy armor and medium armor. You can replace hand-to-hand with anything else if you feel you dont like it, and I understand why you'd want to. Do not ever sneak up on enemies, as Thronde sees it as dishonorable. Do not ever use magic, as Thronde sees magic as dishonorable and fitting only for thieves and tricksters. You will also be living on the Island of Solstheim after finishing the other factions listed above, and live in the "Solstheim Seaside Cabin" as you do the main Bloodmoon quest. DO NOT choose Werewolf, Thronde is loyal to the Skaal. You can choose Wyrmhaven whenever you like, but that particular mod is mostly just for fun as a Nord.

Roleplay: You will join the Imperial Legion and Cult immediately, followed soon after by House Redoran and the Fighter's Guild. You will then need to do the main quest, and lastly, vampire clan Quarra. Flirt with women constantly by using "admire", as he is rather flirtatious, and visit the House of Earthly Delights every once in a while.

Mods:Nordic Trollbone Armor v1.2 Final

Imperial Silver Armor Resource(You will need to impliment this mod into the CS yourself, as it is a resource)

Solstheim Seaside Cabin (Optional)


Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince

Snow Prince Enhanced

I know nearly all of my builds have been Dunmer thus far so I'm mixing it up a bit.

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I didn't play Morrowind, but I read everything about the lore behind the Bloodmoon dlc. One of my favorite Skyrim characters resulted from all that. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you. I feel rather strange about this build. It And it's annoying my OCD

Next build will be very special, look forward to it, it might take a while for me to make, because mods n shizz

My nords typically don't worship the imperial gods. Mine worship the Nordic pantheon as that was there primary religion before they abandoned there beliefs for those imperial gods.

Yah I would normally prefer for a nord to worship one of the original Nordic Pantheon before skyrim retconned it and fucked it all up, but for some reason I just felt that Thronde should worship specifically Zenithar. 

I mean, why not? Nothing's stopping a man from the middle-east from being christian or vice versa, so why not a Nord who worships Zenithar?

The Classics Gem Spotlight took me here, the Trollbone Armor kept me here :D nice build man. I like the combination of brutal axe-wielding warrior and smoothtalker too. Also, the mods are nice touch. +1

While I have problems with an honorable Nord becoming a vampire from a roleplaying perspective, it's still nice to see a Morrowind build that features a Nord.  +1 from me. 

A non-dunmer in morrowind you are brave buddy I salute you!


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