I think that almost everybody here knows how Phil feels about Dark Brotherhood. For those who don´t, don´t worry, he´ll drop by and tell you.

But what interests me here is your opinion on these two groups. Which one do you like more? What do you think about their motives and quest lines in game(s)? Which group is more capable, cooler or deadlier? 

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Except if he is a Lizard Ninja born to kill stuff

Who says the Dark Brotherhood are sick psychos and the Morag Tong assassins aren't just killing for fun? Couldn't you join both of them for multiple reasons?

You're absolutely right.

My point is that some time ago I liked those professional assassins. Rational, pragmatic, stoic. Someone who just do his job, who doesn´t really takes pleasure in slaughter.

So when I tried to play this assassin in Oblivion or Skyrim it was so damn hard, because what these games offer you are sadists, maniacs, lunatics and fanatics who actually don´t give a crap about the gold. They are telling each other gruesome bed stories. See where I´m heading? I dislike their not-professional attitude. And don´t even get me started on Sithis.

Isn't it fantastic when you have fun in your job

But i understand. I think they would look a little less sadistic if they would only tell stories of difficult jobs.

Dark brotherhood, I played too much as argonain

Mara preserve us. Another Shadowscale...I think this page is being overrrun by Argonians...

Definitely the Morag Tong.

Their Lore seems a lot more interesting than the Dark Brotherhoods, and I think the whole being sanctioned by the Temple thing is rather unique.

With that said, I do still prefer the Dark Brotherhood's questlines. To me they have a better "backstory" going for them compared to the Morag Tong's "Kill NPC X" quests.

Morag Tong for me. First of all, the name is alot cooler. And when i played morrowind a few years back, the dark brotherhood was just an annoyance. I guess i'm just put off by those psychos in the DB though. I never really played through the skyrim one, and have destroyed them as often as ive (tried) playing them. And i didn't play enough oblivion to see the cool questline everyone is talking about.

Im kinda on the fence on this one. They both have great things that I like and dislike on both.

Dark Brotherhood since the Morag Tong seems like a Dunmer exclusive guild but the Dark Brotherhood feels more multicultural and feels more like a family as well as a guild of Professional Assassins.

Not entirely true, the Morag Tong also contained a few Bosmer and Altmer. But not many. Less than ten, I'd wager.


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