I think that almost everybody here knows how Phil feels about Dark Brotherhood. For those who don´t, don´t worry, he´ll drop by and tell you.

But what interests me here is your opinion on these two groups. Which one do you like more? What do you think about their motives and quest lines in game(s)? Which group is more capable, cooler or deadlier? 

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Morag tong i love it Dont know why.

I´m writing this just as I´m getting ready to go to bed, so don´t expect answers from me for 8 hours. 

As for my own opinion. I like the concept and lore of Morag Tong much more than DB. Morag Tong aren´t some fanatics worshipping some arguable deity. They´re not sadists enjoying the slaughtering of innocents. They are legalized faction of Dunmer people. There has to be balance between Great Houses and these guys are there to keep that balance. If I ever became assassin, I would join this group, because they at least have some brains and sense in their cause.

As for Dark Brotherhood. While I´m not really fond of them, I would say that their questlines are actually better. It might be because they were in newer games, but still...it isn´t just "Kill this guy" all the time. There is some cool story for them in Oblivion (and in Skyrim too, but I can´t discuss it here). Don´t get me wrong, Morag Tong in TES III had some cool quests, but sometimes they felt like Radiant Quests from Skyrim. 

As for my own belief...I´m not buying all that crap about Sithis. I just think that Night Mother is behind all that. 

Dark Brotherhood is the one I like the most. I can't say I know the Morag Tong very well though... Morag Tong can kill people in front of anyone without getting a bounty. In Morrowind; Morag Tong assassinations are legal etc... Are the things that I think are better than the Dark Brotherhood.

The Dark Brotherhood has some way more interesting stuff than the MT going on for it.
First, the Black Hand was based on a real Servian assassin organization, that were the main cause for the eruption of the World War II. It was also called Black Hand.
Second, the Lore behind it is AMAZING. When she was alive, the Night Mother, sacrificed her 5 sons to honor Sithis, starting a guild of Assassins, the Dark Brotherhood. The murder of Lachance was one of the most radical plot twists of all time (regarding TES lore)! The way the Assassins treat themselves as a family, the Listener, everything is so well put together!

I guess that there couldn't be a winner between these two factions, they are so different from each other...IMO But if they would one day face each other, then I would bet on DB for everything the guild has going for it.

I wouldn´t drag real life Black Hand here at all. Serbia Black Hand was military secret society consisted of hundreds of members which goal was to unite some territories.

Black Hand of DarkBrotherhood is consisted of 10 members max. 1 Listener, 4 Speakers, 5 Silencers, whereas Listener and Speakers serve as...council sort of.

As for Night Mother...Don´t trust every crap Dark Brotherhood tells you.

And you are right, Lucien Luchance was an amazing twist. Oblivion questline was certainly interesting.

And that real life Black Hand organization was held responsable for the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which caused quite of steer for the Austro-Hungarian people, making them declare war to Serbia as well as their allies, causing the WW1. (Sorry I said WW2 on my last post).

And the Night Mother thing was true...The Lady Statue of Bravil showed her with the 5 sons she assassinated.

As much I´d like to debate about that history because it is more or less history of my country, this isn´t the place, so please stop dragging real life history here. Let´s discuss TES lore, not real life.

As for the Night Mother statue and some fairy tales aren´t always true. She might have done it or might not, but as you pointed out she laid foundation of Dark Brotherhood. But that doesn´t mean there is some sentient deity with name Sithis. If you look at the lore there is actually more than one version who the Night Mother is. So not everything is as it seems.

I know it isn't the place to discuss it, I was just pointing out the similarities between the two, and further claim that they were assassins like in TES, but enough of that...

There are various depictions of the Night Mother sacrificing her 5 children to Sithis, (Sithis being depicted as a skull with the black hand symbol on it's forehead) throughout the TES games, specially on the various Black Doors that lead to the Sanctuaries. And I know that the night mother is often refered as Mephala, the patron of the Morag Tong, further tying this two guilds. 

Also, the void is, as much as any other plane of Oblivion, governed by some form of entity. If Sithis didn't exist, then there would be no one out there in the void in charge of it.  People also claim that Sithis is the Void itself, so there is no real proof if he is actually some form of materialized being or not, but he does exist.

That's like saying that the Divines don't exist, and they are only part of fairy tales told by clerics. You might not see them, but they left their mark on Nirn and that's enough to say they existed, much like Sithis, the Dwemer and so on... 

That's my point, but I understand your point of view nonetheless.

Well I'm sure you all know what my opinion is 

No, we don´t.

Morag Tong all day erryday

But why? They are sexy? Or is is just because they are Dunmer faction? :D

Well being Dunmer helps  but I really like that they are a legitimised faction who get legal writs of execution and not some mustache twirling villains who think they worship the Really Bad God for Bad Guys. Also the Tong are fair game when they are on a job, they need to fight through highly trained House Guards and if they fail 3 times then the writ is null and void. Where as the DB go around killing bards and stuff.

Also I've never liked the idea that Vivec is the Night Mother but it's very likely true  


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